Sunday, June 9, 2013
Games Thirst [SPECIAL] Giveaway!

Games Thirst [SPECIAL] Giveaway!

Alright, so call me a big softy, but I was just reading through the comments of the giveaway that Ernice was doing for the Ghost Recon Online Beta, and I saw numerous posts by you guys saying you cannot afford to pre-order Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, or can’t even afford to get games that are already out, so this is what I am going to do, because I know how it is to not be able to afford games I want to pre-order or buy in general.

What I am going to do for you guys, is for those of you who want to pre-order an up and coming game, I will pre-order (10) of our community members any game they wish, the only catch is, I want you guys to post in the comments below, What game you want and what system, and then tell me a story about a time where you couldn’t get a game you wanted, three paragraphs, these games can be for either PS3 or Xbox 360, it doesn’t matter. The reason I am doing this is because I think it is important to give to the community, and as much as you guys have done for us, we wouldn’t be here without you, so I want to give back to you guys, and I think it is important for people that do what we do here to build a personal and friendly relationship with our community members, so there you have it, the deadline for this will be by the end of this year, December 31st 2012. I personally thank all of your community members for coming to GamesThirst to quench there thirst for gaming news and reviews. :)

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  • Stampylongnose

    Wow this is an incredible giveaway. Great job Saint.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Well, really wanted Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as in Ernice’s post I couldn’t get the beta key, and I lost my money on the street so I’m saving money again to buy it. Is it possible that you pre-order it for me? I want Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3 version. But the thing is I live in the Middle East, I think that may be a problem.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    And may I ask. Are you guys doing a PS Vita give-away? I really wanted that awesome shiny piece of machinery. But in the Middle east they tax everything imported. So the price, you could say would equal to 320$ (1199 SR) for the Wifi PS Vita and 400$ (1500 SR) for the 3G one. I hope you guys can make a PS Vita give-away.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Also the price of the PS Vita games, mandatory memory cards, protective case, pouch, and screen covers are all a pain in the wallet.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    All I ever play is BattleField 3 because I can barely rustle enough money to buy games I need. I hope that maybe it’s possible that today my luck will turn around.

  • narwall14

    well dude i hope you have a very good life cuz i don’t know anyone who would do this

  • narwall14

    But I remember when I didn’t have enough money for the vita and the games etc so i could not pre order resistance burning skies.The only way i got a vita was because my older bro helped me out.I have no job because no one is hiring and I feel like im taking advantage of you guys for doing this but it would make my day if i could get resistance on the vita.Sorry for the short post but i don’t have much to say.

  • Kenshin

    Nice giveaway, but i’ll leave it for those who can’t actually afford to buy new games :D

  • Saint123q

    Great stories guys, keep them coming :)

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Could we still make more requests? And what about the question I had about the PS Vita Giveaway?

  • Wolf1888

    I remember wanting the first Assassins Creed so bad, I was looking at the trailers, months before the release date, I could not wait.
    I was in college at the time, and had not money. I had some, but just to be safe.
    My car was parked at school, and when my classes ended, I went back to my ride to find out that somebody crashed into my car, and left without any paper. A typical hit and run. My bumper was about to fall off. This happened the same week as AC’s release. I had to get it fixed, so I decided to wait the next pay (two weeks) to buy it.

    It sucked.

  • Saint123q

    @Grim You can only request 1 game, and it would be up to Ernice if we have a giveaway like that.

  • Mezzo

    Awesome, hope i win 1 of the Pre-Order.

    Want: Next Call Of Duty Game — Platform: PS3

    I’ve had been very unlucky throughout my whole life, well most of the part of my life, Gaming became a part of my life about 15 years ago & never in those year have i been able to buy a game that i love (New & Immediately), i could never afford them, it would be either i wait for my Birthday to come (Just So Some Uncle or Cousin would gift me) or (Forget about it), mostly i’d forget about it.

    Suffering for months & collecting money so i could get me a PS2 was devastating, and even after getting me a PS2 i would have to sell it when there was no Cash for groceries.

    Gaming has been a big part of my life, it has gotten me (And Still Getting Me) through some of the hardest times a man could imagine. (Example: Gaming got me through the the Splitting with my Fiance).

    I’m still going through the same hard life, as a gamer there are tons of titles each year i would like to play, but can’t.

    I play with Ernice all the time, If I’ve played 1000 Hours in ln last 2 years then I’ve played over 700 hours of them with Ernice (Best 700 Gaming Hours of My Life, Amazing), he might also have noticed that one day i play a Game with him & the next day i don’t have that game anymore, that because several times i had to sell it so i could use whatever bucks i get to survive.

    It’ll be nice if i could win a Pre-Order. =]

  • Mezzo

    Damn, that comment looks like a mess.

  • Ghost250

    this is a cool way to give back Saint123q good job. good luck to whoever wants to win a pre-order.

  •!/Beta_Beast DarkReaper9

    Wow this is one of the best video game giveaways I’ve ever seen.

    Story: I remember when I was younger (around 11 years old) I really desired getting War of the Monsters for the PlayStation 2. You see I lived in Italy since I come from a military family, and because of living on a military base, I was limited to the PX (a general store for military families) when it came to English game releases. After reading about War of the Monsters though gaming magazines, I remember rushing to the PX the day it was released in the U.S. (since the PXs try to be in sync with American release dates) only to be disappointed with the fact that they didn’t have the game.

    Luckily however, I played baseball, and since I played baseball on a base hosted team, I was able to travel with my team to other bases around Italy to compete. Because of this, we always went to the PXs located on said bases. When I went to one PX though, I saw it, they had the game in the electronic’s section. I immediately grabbed it and ran to ask my mother to buy it for me. However, noting the price she immediately said “maybe next time.” Since it wasn’t like I had a job, or got payed for chores, I was limited to my options. Listening to what she said I hid the game under a large electronics shelf, the crack between the shelf and the floor barely height enough to put my hand in. And I left…

    Since it was towards the end of the season of baseball, I didn’t know that ‘next time’ would be a year and a half before I would return. During said period of time, I would visit New York City’s Toys R ‘Us and play the demo of the game there, which made me desire it even more; it was all I played during my 2-hr time in that gigantic Toys R Us. What was worse my friend Bradley got the game, and told the whole class about it since we had to make a presentation on our favorite gift from our parents; that 2-minute presentation of how great it was hurt knowing I didn’t have it. However, one weekend my parents made a trip to the base where that copy of War of the Monsters was, and I decided to take a shot at getting it. When we arrived at the PX, I asked my mother with the most sympathetic look I could possibly pass, and she said “Yes”! I ran to that shelf and looked under it, and that War of the Monsters copy was still there albeit with dust on top of it, and my mother finally got it for me. All the euphoria in my brain was released when I popped it into my PS2, and I ended up playing it (amongst other games) for the rest of the PS2 life-span. I wish they’d make a sequel…

    Game I’d like to have: Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

  • foxton

    this is a great idea saint and i salute you, you have a very big heart!
    However i will not be particpating. Yeah ive had a tough time in life, ive had some very low lows, but ive also had a few highs. I worked hard and i am lucky to have my own house, car, mortgage and can even afford the odd ps3 game from time to time!
    There are billions of people out there who wont even know what a ps3 or xbos is never mind play on one or be able to afford a pre order. Hundreds of millions of people in the 3rd world have no acces to clean water,no food in their bellies, and no roof over their heads. experiencing gaming, of any kind is a huge privalege and we should all be thankful!
    No offence but i dont think this is a compeition on who is the poorest or whos had the toughest life, and i think this competition has been totally been miscrued. People asking / begging for a website to buy you games just doesnt fit well with me at all, sorry.
    10 names out of hat would be more approprate!
    And @ grim of death. Ernice did a PS vita giveaway in December.
    I hope i havent offended anyone by my remarks, but this is who i am, a english northerner who speaks his mind!!

  • Mezzo

    @foxton –

    I can understand that you are taking about me when you say (Begging To A Website For A Game), but believe me when i say i just wanted to share. But Whatever.

    It would be awesome if I’m not entered in a draw, please remove my name.


    Although (The Dame I Most Wanted & Couldn’t Get) was ‘GTA: Vice City’, it was everywhere, everyone had it, except me i didn’t had a Console or a PC to play it on, I used to got to an cafe & pay about $3 for half hour of play.

    I eventually bought a PS2 along with the copy of GTA: 3 & Vice City, though they were Pirated Copies. lol

  • Mezzo

    Is the giveaway GT members only, or can i post about it on my Facebook & twitter.


    Plus i’d like to be entered in the Draw, again. Sorry for removing & adding my name again & again.

  • Saint123q

    @Mezzo sure man, you can post about it anywhere, but I would like to keep it strictly to GT Members only. and Yes you can enter again :)

  • Mezzo

    @Saint –

    Just posted about it on my FB & twitter, hopefully more people will join & become regulars.


    And thanks for entering me again, i hope i win a Pre-Order.

  • Saint123q

    No Problem man.


    Hm Max Payne 3 for the Xbox 360

    Heres my story, its a bit old but it still counts.

    I remember i had a playstation 2 , i found it hard and difficult to save up for buying games for it. I had a good amount of games for my playstation took time though. Save ups and birthday money lol.
    But one day i came home from school, and notice alot of changes from the outside of the house. As i entered the my home , everything was every where. It was a huge shock, i prayed that who ever broke into my house didn’t take anything valuable , but I knew my chances where slim.. all my personal belongings where taken, dvds, dvd player,just everything! and shit even my dog too….!
    then i came into my room all my long ass saving up came into a deep end cause they took my playstation and all my games along with it. So not only i had a rough time saving money for a game i had a rough ass time saving money for a new system as well.
    Eventually I got a new system but instead of a ps2 i got the xbox, haha only because I stayed with my family out of town for a couple of weeks and they we’re rocking the xbox with famous halo combat evolved. That game has turned me over to the xbox side. But damn..its hard to save money for those systems back then money was hard to get, also work!

    Anyways thats my lil story , and i wish all of you guys good luck!
    Also like to say thanks for taking your time reading my post/entry.

  •!/Beta_Beast DarkReaper9

    @Saint: Can you switch my preorder choice to Dishonored (Xbox 360). Also, I forgot to say it but thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    @Saint: Hey dude could you switch my preorder of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to Call Of Duty Black Ops 2? I see no chance in getting a preorder of GR:FS since it is coming out on 22 May and today is 9 May.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    PS3 Version of Black Ops 2, that I forgot to say.

  • Mezzo

    When are the winners going to be announced.


    @Mezzo, on my bday! dec 31


    are guys are going to do special editions games or just regular game?
    if so, can i ask to change my entry from Max Payne 3 (Xbox360) to Black Ops 2 elite edition (Xbox360)??

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Hey guys so any news on whats going to happens on this GiveAway? I hope I can really get Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Limited Edition for the PS 3.

  •!/Beta_Beast Martin Zamora

    @Grim As far as I know the giveaway will still be happening. Here is the most recent update on the giveaway:

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