Friday, January 30, 2015
Origin Now Issuing Refunds Over Mass Effect 3 Ending Scandal

Origin Now Issuing Refunds Over Mass Effect 3 Ending Scandal

First it was Amazon, now EA’s own PC service dubbed Origin is issuing refunds to disgruntled Mass Effect 3 PC fans.

One user called t_i_e_ posted a thread on Bioware’s social network about how he successfully got Origin customer service to issue him a refund after expressing his dissatisfaction with the game’s ending.

Here’s a screenshot:

This has gotten totally out of control now. Completely.

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  • Ghost250

    i know this is kind off topic but did anyone get todays OXM magazine and see what the deal was about that “Killer Sequel & Spectacular Sequel” they were teasing a while back.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I don’t have it yet, Ghost. If you get it today, send me some info.

  • Ghost250

    alright i will

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Thanks :)

  • linglingjr

    Who wants to tell me what’s so bad about the ending? I mean what happens?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Linlingjr: Bro, it’d be spoiling the whole thing. Wouldn’t want to do that. Although another user can do it if they like – they’d just have to put up the *Spoiler Alert* warning…

  • Joshua Tompkins

    Just look at all the endings on you tube.

  • nick

    lets just say its kinda leaving allot unanswered and no matter what you choose you get the same cookie.
    this has got to be THE BIGGEST disappointment the industry has ever seen!
    my god i never thought id play a game that was more of a disappointment then GTAIV, or RE5, or DMC4, but bioware has somehow managed to create a game more disappointing then those three put together!
    from now on ME3 will be categorized as what can go wrong to such a awesome series.
    no longer will RE5 be the scapegoat!

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