Monday, September 29, 2014

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Better Business Bureau Says Mass Effect 3’s Ending Was False Advertising


It’s a stance many gamers have held concerning the highly controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, one in which Bioware promised multiple endings but performed a one-fits-all conclusion, and now the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has thrown its weight into the ring, stating that Bioware and EA might have participated in false advertising when promoting the game’s ending as something ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3 Writer Distance Himself From Game Ending, Blames Casey Hudson


BioWare writer Patrick Weekes is distancing himself from Mass Effect 3’s ending in wake of the massive scandal that’s rocked the franchise in recent days, making clear that he and other writers were literally ex-communicated when it came to writing the game’s ending, while executive producer Casey Hudson took charge, neglecting their many protests on how the trilogy should conclude. Read More »

Bioware Issues Second Response To Mass Effect 3 Ending Scandal


The furor over Mass Effect 3’s ending has arrived at a fever pitch, forcing Bioware to cave in somewhat, saying they’re listening to the feedback and decisions concerning the situation will be announced in due course. The firm did, however, made a call to fans not to spoil the game for those who haven’t played it. Read More »