Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Mass Effect 3 Ending Scandal: Gamers Being Refunded By Amazon

Mass Effect 3 Ending Scandal: Gamers Being Refunded By Amazon

Taking the melodramatic situation to an all new level, some gamers who purchased Mass Effect 3 via Amazon are being refunded, as they claim the game’s ending is rather deceiving because advertisement for it told tales of different endings, not one size fits all.

“Amazon is giving me a refund on my opened CE. Sweet! Maybe I can find another game that doesn’t crush my soul to spend that $80 on,” said one disgruntled Mass Effect 3 purchase on Bioware’s Social Network.

This whole problem stemmed from Bioware advertising Mass Effect 3 as having many, many endings, but when gamers played the game, they realized it didn’t matter how they played, or what class they chose, Mass Effect 3’s ending was the same. A massive failure on Bioware ‘s end, who’ve, in the past, made multiple endings for the popular WRPG.

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  • Crash Okami

    How much deeper into mud can this generation of gamers go? The endings were different, and apart from what you SEE, there were decisions that could erase entire planets or races from the face of the galaxy – but hey, because you didn’t read it in capitals at the ending, it doesn’t exist. I’m ashamed to be a part of the gaming community, because I share the title with such kind of turds.

  • Ghost250

    ^ agreed

  • Teselecta

    @Crash Okami
    @Ghost 250

    They are selling broken glass to you but you say that is is beautiful even if it is broken. Sorry, we are ashamed because there are people like both of you.

    Choosing 1 choice that seems like 3 choices with different colors is not make it beautiful ending. And there is not totally different 16 endings. There are 2 ending with slight variations. People like you can be deceived by Bioware ;)

  • Ghost250

    @Teselecta and so what if thats the creators vision then let it be, you think just because you don’t like an ending other people don’t it seem to me your dealing with a sense of entitlement that you don’t have. Mass Effect doesn’t belong to you it belongs to BioWare. so get over it. btw i don’t i’ve never bought a single ME game for me the gameplay is too slow but i’ve seen it played and its a very good well written series.

  • Teselecta

    Think that: I will finish last LotR film by the time when Frodo and Sam enter the Mount Doom. Will you still love the ending without any closure because I let your imagination do its work and create your own ending?

  • Ghost250

    @Teselecta you see now your trying to put words in my mouth, i never said i loved the ending. c’mon dude lets be real here you ask any fan of mass effect on how they would have like the story to end? almost guaranteed that everyone will have a differing opinion on it. its almost factual that not everyone is gonna like the ending if BioWare were to make another one. not to be an ass but you logic is just plain retarded. the same thing happens with endings with every form of entertainment people don’t like the ending to games, books, movies, albums. Get your head out you ass and understand your not entitled to get the ending changed just because you don’t like it. just get over it. oh and yeah i will think that cause its a simple logic you can’t grasp. don’t like it? too bad its the way of the world.

  • Mezzo

    Now the ones who loved the Ending will also try & get the refund.

  • nick

    problem is bioware promised one thing and delivered on another.
    sigh, what happened to the days where false advertisement was illegal?
    as the saying goes, dont sell me a outhouse and tell me its the taj mahal

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I actually think those gamers have a right to be upset if Bioware failed to deliver what was promised. If Apple promised to include Retina display in its latest iPad, yet when folks bought it they found out there was none, don’t they have a right to take it back?

  • Crash Okami

    Thing is, there IS definitive closure to the series. Would people still complain if BioWare included a unicorn ending just to please the masses, but chose one of these ones to be canonical? Hell yes, because gamers LOVE to complain, am I wrong?

    The artists, the creators of this piece of art called Mass Effect, have all rights to make it what they want and they don’t have to answer to anyone of us. We are not entitled to anything apart from what we’re promised. I was promised endings where my choices had a significant impact on them; I got them. Whether my team lives or dies, whether planets get blown to pieces or not, whether Shepard lives or dies, whether the genophage gets cured or not, I get complete control over these and more. I can’t see how they play out, because I will need a 4th entry, or a really long cutscene showing how my decisions affected the galaxy. But did I get the freedom of choice? Yes, I did.

    I really am fed up with going to the BSN to discuss about the game, and all I see is “we were betrayed! We were cheated! I want to marry Tali at the ending!”, and immediately close the tab. Now it’s also spread to every gaming site. It’s Shepard’s story’s end, and whether you like it or not, it had to have a definitive closure so that the series can pick that as a base and build upon it for sequels. I didn’t see this much complaining with ME1’s ending, where, whatever you did, Saren and the Sovereign got killed, and you were presented with the same cutscene. Nor did I see it happen with ME2’s ending, where the ending was the same cutscene but changed faces present with the ones you actually saved. But who am I kidding, yeh, BioWare needs to change the ending because I said so!

  • nick

    there complaining simply because they were not given what they were promised!
    you were promised your actions would drastically change the story when they dont!
    so of course people are going to complain!
    the ending itself is stupid its far too focused on earth and stuff the rest of the galaxy!
    let alone the whole decisions fiasco.

  • nick

    ive been so disappointed by the ending i dont want to finish it again!
    i was planing to buy ME1,2,3 on the PC so i could play through the whole series and experience the changes it would make if i had a ME1 save.
    but now i dont want to, the little differences ME2 made and the disappointing ending 3 had has killed all the desire for it!
    way to kill peoples interest in what WAS such a awesome franchise bioware!!!!!!!!!

  • narwall14

    yeah kill the game right here. i liked the ending they should do this with more games start working on new stuff

  • csm5464

    Yet another person who only sees the last 5 minutes as the ending. Sigh. The entire game is the ending, which can play out differently based off of whatever choices you did in previous games. That’s what they advertised, and that’s what we got. Bioware didn’t lie about anything.

    Game choices affect how the war plays out.

    Mass Effect 3 will react to each decision you make as you play through a truly unique experience of your own creation.

    Not Mass Effect 3’s ending. Mass Effect 3 as a whole.

    Also, there was something in Mass Effect 2 which states “choices in Mass Effect 1 & 2 will have dire consequences in Mass Effect 3″.

    Not the last 5 minutes of Mass Effect 3, just sometime during the course of the game.

    The whole game is the ending. Get it right. Silly game journalist.