Friday, January 2, 2015
Quenchables: Bioshock Infinite Creator Saddened By Mass Effect 3 Ending Fiasco

Quenchables: Bioshock Infinite Creator Saddened By Mass Effect 3 Ending Fiasco

“I think if those people got what they wanted and (BioWare) wrote their ending they would be very disappointed in the emotional feeling they got because … they didn’t really create it. “I think this whole thing is making me a little bit sad because I don’t think anyone would get what they wanted if that happened.” – Ken Levine at the Smithsonian celebrating “The Art of Video Games,” – via The Verge.

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  • nick

    no they certainly would not!
    biggest problem with ME3 is bioware wrote checks they could not cash!
    they promised massive variations in the endings, where theres only small differences.
    they promised big consequences to your decisions in all 3 games, theres really only small changes.
    for instance they made a big deal if any of the characters died in ME2 it would drastically effect ME3.
    well jack died in my playthrough but i did not suffer any of these supposed sever consequences.
    the whole point of the series was to make you feel like you were changing things, and in ME3 you have to reap what you sew.
    but sadly its not, its like every other game out there that promises these things.
    they promise big changes depending on what you do and give you very small ones instead.
    im writing a piece on this now, but what ME3 should of been is alpha protocol!
    you should be able to send emails to fellow friends and choose how to talk to them.
    you should suffer from your consequences.
    ME3 would of been the perfect game if it had the social interaction and customization alpha protocol had!

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • nick

    just finished the game.
    i can see why people are pissed at the ending.
    dunno if all the endings are like this, but mine was so fcoused on earth and only earth.
    you get to choose what happens then you get a cut scene showing earth and thats it!
    the WHOLE game is spent rallying the galaxy, then it finishes only showing earth.
    what happens to the krogans?
    what happens to the solarians?
    what happens to the asari?
    what happens to the geth?
    its such a closed thought ending, especially after the whole game being about whats best for the greater good the ending is all focused on whats best for you.
    VERY disappointing!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I wonder why the reviews didn’t say nothing concerning the ending!

  • nick

    because 99% of people who reviewed thw game did not finish it!