Silent Hill: Downpour Reviews Are In… Stay Out


Reviews for Konami’s Silent Hill: Downpour have gone live telling a story of mostly disappointment, although one or two scores reckoned you should give it a chance. Catch the full list of scores.

IGN – 4.5/10

GameInformer – 7/10

Gamespot – 7.5/10

Machinima – 6.5/10

Destructoid – 8/10

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3 Comments on "Silent Hill: Downpour Reviews Are In… Stay Out"

  1. Ghost250 March 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm -

    its konami fault they screwed over the silent hill franchise. they had one of the best development crews ever “Team Silent” who created the first 4 games which all received critical acclaim except 4 in which it got pretty good reviews but because people felt it was too much like the first 3 now people want more like the first 3. but back to team silent, konami decided they wanted other developers to work on silent hill so they disbanded team silent and look where it got them every game after 4 sucks ass. thanks konami ya idiots. R.I.P. Silent Hill

  2. nick March 14, 2012 at 5:09 am -

    this demonstrates exactly whats wrong with reviews these days.
    how can a game get such fluctuating scores?
    i mean one gives it a 9/10 and another gives it a 4/10.
    so is it a good game or a shit one?
    konami has been falling apart lately!
    constantly delaying their games, waiting till day of release to delay the MGS HD collection, silent hill book of memories was suppose to release in 2 weeks time today they delayed it AGAIN!
    my god konami have turned into gearbox!
    hurts me so much to see what were the best publishers out there not even 6 years ago to what they are now.
    a shadow of their former self would be understatement of the century!

  3. Ernice Gilbert March 14, 2012 at 5:48 am -

    I agree with Ghost on this one. 100 percent~

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