Saturday, August 30, 2014
Mass Effect 3 Console Patch Coming Soon

Mass Effect 3 Console Patch Coming Soon

Bioware is currently working on a patch to fix a nasty bug facing the console version, specifically PS3 of Mass Effect 3.

Apparently gamesthirst avid user Nick has been encountering a nasty bug in the game, and contacted EA Support Australia for help.

“I’m contacting you today to request support on a bug I have found in the
game,” wrote Nick.

“Whenever I go to the Citadel and ask the elevator to take me down to the holding bay 2nd floor in the elevator the game goes into a loading screen.

Once the loading is complete it just goes to a black screen. You can still hear the music playing but holding the PS button or pressing it does not do anything, you have to hold the power button to reset the ps3.”

EA Australia then sent him this response: “Being a console game it most likely needs a patch Bioware are currently at work on a patch, but we have not heard when it will be released.”

So if you’re experiencing something similar, rest assured the firm’s working on a fix.

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  • nick

    what really pissed me off about that was the “being a console game” part.
    WTFs that suppose to mean!?
    what, because its a console game it excuses game breaking bugs?
    i missed out on a whole heap of side missions because of this!
    im done with bioware games.
    you would of thought they would learn their lesson with ME2.
    that was so buggy you would think their main priority for ME3 would be high polish.
    but you would think wrong.
    my god there almost as bad as bugthesda!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, that wasn’t the best thing to say was it?