Friday, May 17, 2013
Is Skyrim better played on the PS3?

Is Skyrim better played on the PS3?

Well, is it?

Bethesda’s brand new game of the year nominee Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been a great game so far. I’ve played countless hours on the Xbox 360 with no problem. But Bethesda warns players on said console not to install the game to their HDD. Also, many graphical errors and glitches have been found on the Xbox 360 version, and according to Bethesda, a patch coming soon will fix these glitches up.

PS3 players on the other hand have had a seamless experience playing probably the biggest RPG since Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you’re thinking about buying this game, I would buy it for the PS3 if possible. The glitches aren’t too distracting but they’re extremely annoying seeing the same mountain for hours face upside down. Skyrim is still a must buy for RPG players but keep in mind that not everything is perfect, and not everything can be fixed.

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  • nick

    ps3 version has it too, especially texture steaming problems.
    has allot more screen tearing too, and really bad frame rate drops.
    one thing ill never understand about bethesda, i mean they have released how many games on current gen systems?
    you would think they would of worked out all the issues by now!
    every bethesda game ive bought this gen cant go for 5 minutes without freezing!
    bethesda either A need to hire a QA team, or B need to fire their current QA team for a entire new one!
    because there definitely not doing their job!

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