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And The Winner Of E3 2010 Is…….Nintendo! Easily

And that’s all folks! E3 2010 is coming to a close with the big 3 showing off muscles and grit at their respective press conferences. All were great indeed, but one was awesome.

All were princes, but one became a king. True. Microsoft opened up the game with its Project Natal Experience which led straight into the giant’s press conference. And there, Redmond sought to change gaming forever.

Microsoft’s main focus was on Kinect, the new handless motion device that, according to MS, will change the way we play forever. Now there were a lot of cool things that Kinect can do and Microsoft demonstrated that. Voice command, etc. The giant also showed off some titles that it hopes will capture the causal market.

In the hardcore department, Microsoft showed a few titles that gamers expected to see at E3. Gears of War 3, Fable III, and of course Halo: Reach. It also signed a deal with Activsion that would see all DLC, Map Packs etc, for Call of Duty games going forward, come the Xbox 360 first.

Redmond surprised the crowd when it revealed that Kingdom, a game being developed by Crytek come exclusively to the Xbox 360. But that wasn’t the big buzz at all. The big noise came when Microsoft unveiled the all new redesigned Xbox 360 Slim, which is Kinect ready.

So yes, Microsoft’s presser was good.

Sony’s was great! NO doubt. The giant came on the scene in similar fashion as Microsoft: showing off games for its motion device the PS3 Move. It has an awesome lineup, and many developers and publishers have placed their wait behind the peripheral.

Sony held most of its presser in 3D, and the audience had the pleasure of viewing Killzone 3 in 3D! That, no doubt, was awesome! Again, many of PS3′s games will be Move and 3D compatible, which gives the giant another reason to claim its system’s superiority.

Then game the exclusive titles. No other company does it like Sony in said department. The house was shaken when titles like inFamous 2 and Gran Turismo 5 came on the scene, the latter 3D compatible.

The House came down though, when legendary game developer, David Jaffe stepped in the house! He brought with him, big bus and all, the new Twisted Metal. That was pure awesomeness.

But what really, and I mean really brought down the house was the arrival of Gabe Newell, yes that’s Valve’s Gabe Newell to Sony’s presser. The house was burned down to the ground.

He came in and announced Portal 2 as coming to the PS3, including console exclusivity of Steam. He also said that the PS3 version of the game would be the best amongst consoles.

Listen, Gabe Newell, former PS3 hater in Sony’s presser claiming PS3 will receive the best version of Portal 2 is mind numbing.

But putting all the hype aside, it was Nintendo’s press conference that was great!

Innovation is what has revolutionized our industry time and time again. It was Nintendo who risked its entire company and dove headfirst into the motion business.

People mocked, including Sony and Microsoft, they said Nintendo was crazy and it would never work. It was a suicide mission, they said, but look at what has happened.

The Nintendo Wii has become the best selling console of this generation, and there’s no way the others will catch up. Not only that but the same “suicide mission” the other two gaming giants spoke about, they are now the ones diving full throttle there. Oh how the tables have turned.

Now, Nintendo has done it again. This time debuting for the first time, its latest innovation, the best of the bunch: The Nintendo 3DS.

Who would have thought that 3D without glasses would come so soon? Nobody. Sony’s doing a good job with the PS3 but it’s Nintendo who’s taken the revolution to another level.

Not only will you be able to play games without 3D glasses, the thing will also render movies in 3D! If that’s not innovation then nothing else is.

Nintendo brought the house down with countless reveals: Donkey Kong Country! The new Zelda, Metroid: Other M, Kirby, and countless other games!

Nintendo’s conference was somewhat nostalgic, yet ironically innovative. The legendary company gave everyone in the audience a chance to play the 3DS so they could witness for themselves the magic. I was truly impressed with Nintendo. Truly.

And so, Nintendo’s presser was THE best by far. No doubt, hopefully Sony and Microsoft will give it competition next year.

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