Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Mass Effect Movie Casting Call

You must have heard recently that Legendary Pictures, the studios behind movies like The Dark Knight, Watchmen and 300 have picked up the rights to make a Mass Effect movie. Sadly, Video Game movie adaptations don’t have a very good reputation if you know what i’m talking about. Mass Effect is such an immersive and deep universe and we hope they create something amazing out of this rich story. We at GamesThirst want your help to decide who should be the perfect match for the Mass Effect characters! We already have our picks below but what we really want to know is who do our fellow members think should be casted for the Mass Effect Movie.  Tell us in the comments section!

[ Commander Shepard ] – Choice #1

Mark Vanderloo - For those of you who don’t know, Mark Vanderloo is the model that gave birth to Commander Shepard. The default game model is based on Vanderloo’s appearance and this makes him the perfect look alike but there’s a problem; Mark Vanderloo is a model and not an actor leaving us with no choice but to cast a secondary actor who could take the role of Shepard.

[ Commander Shepard ] – Choice #2

Matthew Fox - The actor mainly known for his role in TV show “Lost” is our second pick. Fox seems like a qualifying real actor that could play  Commander Shepard on the big screen.

[ Miranda Lawson ]

Yvonne Strahovski - Do you see the resemblance? of course you do! Miranda was also molded to look like the actress Yvonne Strahovski. This is a match made in heaven since she’s a good actress + look the same + She’s Hot. Look no further because Strahovski is the perfect Miranda.

[ Joker ]

Seth Green – Here’s another example of the character’s voice actor making the fit. They might not be 100% identical but who cares? Funny man is ready to take command of the normandy and make us all laugh.

[ Thane Krios ]

Abe Sapien – We don’t know who the hells plays Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies but whoever he is should start changing his color to green because he’s got the job.

[ Captain Anderson ]

Denzel Washington - Here’s an example of a fine actor that could easily play Anderson and thankfully they look very similar.

[ JACK ]

Natalie Portman – Talented actress with perfect fisical match. Really? Do i need to say more?

[ Garrus, Wrex and all the Alien Species in Mass Effect ]

We recommend the director to use CGI if possible by the guys at Weta Workshops (District 9 )


Remember to tell us who should be casted in the movie. We’d like to know your opinion!

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  • walk_star

    A perfect “fiscal” match? Really?

  • Evongelo

    Kieth David should play Captain Anderson, after all, he does the voice acting for the character in the game. David is a good actor too, he played in Armageddon, and has done other voice acting rolls.

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