Sunday, February 23, 2014

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PS3 Hasn’t Outsold Xbox 360 for 3 Straight Years

When folks talk of the PS3 and Xbox 360, they always equate the success of the latter as being mostly in the United States Of America. But is that true? Because many have argued that although Microsoft holds a handy lead in said continent, the Xbox 360 is being dominated by PS3 in all other markets, hence making the console ... Read More »

Capcom Teasing BIG Announcement

The European branch of Capcom started teasing a big announcement  via their twitter account. Nothing is known at the moment about what could it be, but expect it to be revealed in 2 days. Let’s hope is something good but don’t get you hopes high or you might end up disappointed, surprise us Capcom, please! Read More »

Video Thirst: 7 Minutes of Halo: Reach Firefight 2.0

Can you believe that Halo: Reach is just less than 3 months away?  It feels like it was announced yesterday and in just a bit more we’ll be able to see how it all went down at planet Reach. This is the definitive version of Halo, featuring new campaign, graphics, multiplayer, firefight, 4 players co-op, Forge and a never ending list of ... Read More »

Kojima + MGS Series = ♥ 4 Ever

Konami USA confirmed  to Shacknews that Hideo Kojima will keep working on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, though Konami didn’t specify what type of involvement will Mr.Kojima have with the upcoming games. Read More »

Crackdown 2 Demo Infinite Time Glitch Tutorial

So you just downloaded the Crackdown 2 demo and started blowing stuff from left to right, and before you knew it, it was already over. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop that annoying 30 minutes timer on the top of the screen? Today is your lucky day, here’s how. Read More »

Metal Gear Solid: Rising vs MGS4: Engine Comparison

Metal Gear Solid 4 is still one of the best looking games this generation has to offer. According to Kojima Productions assistant producer Sean Eyestone, the MGS team is remaking Rising‘s engine “from scratch” to make it look even better than MGS4. E3 gave us the first real glimpse of the game’s real time and in-game engine. Rising is still in development and not ... Read More »

Get A closer Look At Nintendo 3DS

Mashable went behind doors at E3 to see the Nintendo 3Ds for the first time. They took photos of the device from all angles, this way you can get a small glimpse at the sexy looking hardware. Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch sometime in the near future, price and launch date will be revealed soon by Nintendo. Read More »

Exclusive HD Screenshots of Rage on 360

Rage is the game that took everyone by surprise at this year’s E3, winning various awards, including IGN’s Best of Show.Here’s a batch of screen grabs from the E3 HD demo that will give you a quick glimpse at how the game looks. Take in consideration that this shots were taken from a video and quality takes a hit by the movements and compression, ... Read More »

Crackdown 2 Demo Will Let You Earn Achievements

All you achievement lovers are in luck, Crackdown 2 demo will be the first demo on the xbox 360 to introduce the ability to unlock achievements.The demo will let players earn 100 of the game’s 1,000 achievement points prior to the game’s release. Read More »