Thursday, December 26, 2013

Metal Gear Solid: Rising vs MGS4: Engine Comparison

Metal Gear Solid 4 is still one of the best looking games this generation has to offer. According to Kojima Productions assistant producer Sean Eyestone, the MGS team is remaking Rising‘s engine “from scratch” to make it look even better than MGS4. E3 gave us the first real glimpse of the game’s real time and in-game engine. Rising is still in development and not much has been shown yet, but we will try to see how the engine evolved with the few screenshots Konami distributed at E3.

Take a look, let us know if Kojima Productions delivered their promise.

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  • nick

    im really looking forward to this.
    the trailer they showed off at E3 was really impressive!
    i hope they have that famous metal gear storyline in there though.
    previous statements makes it sound like there focusing on the gameplay and such and are not really interested in creating a good storyline.
    i hope thats not true, developers underestimate how important a story is to a game.
    alan wake for example was boring and repetetive but none of that mattered because it had such a good storyline!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. To me, story is the most important aspect of a game.

  • nick

    yeah, same.
    thats what keeps me coming back to a game.
    like i HATE alpha protocol but i keep going back to it because i really enjoy the story and really want to find out how it ends.
    assassins creed has by far the best storyline, the amount of thought and depth gone into that is breath taking!
    especially the way they have woven it into everyday beliefs like adam and eve, and the bible.

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