Tuesday, December 23, 2014

E3 Puts Microsoft In #1 Spot For Holidays, 360/Kinect Outselling Rivals

The E3 convention is all about promoting and selling your products to the consumer. Every year, each company takes the stage to show the entire world what they have in store. Deciding who had the best conference is just a matter of personal choice; for a company to really win E3 they need to be the ones who convinced the most people to buy their products.

Online retailers are often a good source to calculate how products stand against each other after the convention is over. If sales are the determining factor to compare who did a better job selling their product, then Microsoft is leading the bunch at this year’s E3. Below you can see how E3 affected positively & negatively each console after the convention week was over.

Microsoft’s products debuted with the biggest sales after E3, followed by Nintendo, and Sony in last place. Keeping in mind that this type of conventions are targeted for public of all ages, Microsoft was the one to penetrate the most households and generated the biggest purchase intent among gamers. Nintendo’s hardware & software dropped down some spots from their earlier chart positions. Sony’s Move sales are surprisingly in last place, even though it offers the cheapest motion controller alternative. There are two ways to decide how an E3 conference can be won, as a gamer or as a company. Gamers might argue who showed the best games and what they wanted to see, but for a company to win E3 is about who gets the most household sales and who doesn’t.

Take a look after the break how E3 affected each company and their products.




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  • nick

    the only reason thats happening is because theres a new 360 comming out.
    that allways happens when a new version of a console comes out, i mean look what happened when the ps3 slim came out it was sold out for months!
    im glad i preordered mine, a friend of mine waited till launch day thinking there will be pleanty.
    he had to wait 6 weeks after launch till he could get his hands on one!!!!!

  • Fernando

    New hardware boosts sales but Kinect is just as new as Move, It appears to be more expensive too and it’s #1 and Move #40-ish spots.

    Is not only the console…all things Microsoft went up after E3, even after that bad press conference.

  • nick

    its not only for the console but mainly.
    theres so many people holdin off on getting a 360 because it did not have wireless built in, now it does.
    why would move and kinect boost sales now, moves not out for another 3 months and kinects not out for another 5.
    people are buying the new console, and with it they think i might aswell buy a extra controller, M$ points or gold subscription.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s always the case when a new console launch…

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes that built in wireless was a very good move by MS. Was about time if you ask me.

  • nick

    the 360 S is what the 360 should of always been!
    the 360 released in 2005 with no HDMI port no optical port and looked like crap!
    this is what the launch console should of been like.
    plus this ones suppose to be RROD free, key word being suppose.
    only time will tell.

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