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Video Thirst: Modern Warfare 3 E3 Demo Beat BF3′s Thunder Run Tank Demo

At Microsoft’s press conference, the first game demoed was Modern Warfare 3, showing off a heart-thumping mission which ultimately ends with a high-speed boat chase. Say what you will about the game, but the presentation was nicely put and well executed.

Co-op Campaign Back In A “Big Way” For Modern Warfare 3

As more Modern Warfare 3 details trickle out of Infinity Ward’s London affair, we’re starting to realize why Activision boasted that the game will represent a revolution in the FPS genre. It’s taken the media by storm today, and now we can confirm that single-player split-screen co-op will return in Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward: We’ve Moved Beyond The Modern Warfare 2 Engine

Infinity Ward has just answered the question that’s been nagging at gamers for a while: Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 using the same old engine of its predecessor? The answer to that is no.