Sunday, April 21, 2013

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GAME UK Confirms Grand Theft Auto V Spring Release


“Preorder now to avoid disappointment,” says GAME, a UK games retailer. There’s finally consensus on a release window for Grand Theft Auto V, as screenshots of marketing material have been popping all throughout the weekend, and this time from a respected games retailer in the UK, GAME. Read More »

Grand Theft Auto 5 To Be Xbox 720 Exclusive


The headline is daring, I know – but it’s quite possible that, with Grand Theft Auto V’s incessant delays, Microsoft has offered Rockstar a hefty lump sum to release the title in 2013 instead of this year, and make it exclusive to Xbox 720. Read More »

Quenchables: GTA V development ‘making great progress’


Take-Two assured investors in a financials call today that development of Grand Theft Auto V is “making great progress”, despite staying well away from determining a window of release. Click to view larger image Analysts expect Grand Theft Auto 5 to launch in Take-Two’s upcoming financial year – ending March 31, 2013 – despite an increasingly crowded release schedule for ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: How Do You Feel About GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V saw its debut trailer bomb the internet with unrivaled might, and it seems as if everyone liked it. New details were also hidden in the trailer, like the city in which the game will take place, flying jets, rich vs poor, jet skis and more. Here’s the question: How do you feel about Grand Theft Auto ... Read More »

Rockstar Developing For Wii2

Oh boy. Things just went mental. Nintendo’s out for blood, it seems, as the legendary company’s looking to regain the hold it had on the hardcore crowed by introducing the Wii2, and what better way to do that than to bring GTA developer Rockstar on board. Read More »

GTA V Is All But Confirmed

Internet spy Superannuation has been digging around in Rockstar’s and Take-Two’s business, and what the anonymous blogger’s found has all but confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be announced soon. Read More »