Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Thirsty Conversations: Are You A Fanboy?


Come on, be honest with yourselves. When last did you turn on that PS3 although it’s been sitting next to your Xbox 360 for, what, months? Years even? Likewise, when last did you log in to Xbox Live although you purchased the yearly subscription? Know why you haven’t? It’s not because there are no games or because the service sucks, ... Read More »

Modern Warfare 3 Ban Hammer In Full Effect

If you’ve got MW3 in either your 360 or PS3, at one point or another, you’ll come across the folks who cheat. It’s part of the game! Well, not Infinity Ward’s game, because the developer’s already banning cheaters to hell. Read More »

Modern Warfare 3 Is Hostile Towards Campers – Sledgehammer

Ah, campers. Thought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would be the game where you shine like the brightest star in the heavens, eh? Sending bullets raging through unknowing heads while you crouch quietly on rooftops? Find another game, then, because according to the game’s co-developer Sledgehammer, the Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t designed to accommodate campers. Read More »

Call Of Duty Elite Bombarded, Struggles To Stay Online

The release of Modern Warfare 3 hasn’t been a rough one, but the same can’t be said for Activision’s new service, Call Of Duty Elite. Yet that’s not a bad thing depending on which side you choose to view the situation from: for Activision, more users mean gamers are warming up to the new, game-changing service, but for gamers it’s ... Read More »

Infinity Ward On EA COD Trash-Talking: “We Root For Everybody”

Infinity Ward executives are showing some real sportsmanship in the war of words raging between EA and Activision, but mostly coming from EA, who’s CEO, John Riccitiello, said he’d like to see Call of Duty “rot from the core”. But speaking to Eurogamer last night, Infinity Ward exec producer Mark Rubin called EA’s tirades “silly publisher talk”, adding that as ... Read More »