Thursday, September 11, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Are You A Fanboy?

Thirsty Conversations: Are You A Fanboy?

Come on, be honest with yourselves. When last did you turn on that PS3 although it’s been sitting next to your Xbox 360 for, what, months? Years even? Likewise, when last did you log in to Xbox Live although you purchased the yearly subscription? Know why you haven’t? It’s not because there are no games or because the service sucks, it’s because you’re fanboy. PS3 fanboy. An Xbox 360 fanboy – just admit it…. Well, are you?

Confess your sins. Confess them here: The Official Games Thirst Church house.

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  • smoge

    Well just a little, I brought a new ps3 last month just because it was silver.

  • foxton

    i am i Huuuge Ps3 Fan boy, i have got it permanently lodged in my head Xbox and Nintendo suck ass big time! I always have healthy debates in the pub with my mates about the old ps3 xbox thing. Instead of having a ps3 and an xbox i even bought a 2nd ps3 so i got one in my bedroom as well as the front room.
    I dont care what anyone says i will always lean towards sony, i dont really even no why!
    I never liked microsoft and they way they tried to steam roller all competitors (the same reason why i hate apple now) and i was always a sega / Sony man as opposed to Nintendo man when consoles started to become main stream.
    Sony Rules!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “Well just a little, I brought a new ps3 last month just because it was silver.” You mean, A LOT, smoge. You’re a massive PS fanboy!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: My, my. I can hear the love for all things Sony beaming from your chest with love!

  • afrotravis

    i have just xbox n ps3.. but i have not signed into xbox for a while.. coz my year ended…. so making it useless to play…. my ps3 is first choice for multi-platforms now…. i think i am a sony fan… coz all my entertainment setup is by Sony except my 3d projector.

  • Ghost250

    yeah im a fanboy……… of games haha. a certain machine has to have games for me to play. for me sony has always been that company that has delivered an abundant of that over any other console. so im pro-ps3 but im no fanboy,

  • rpatricky

    I lean pretty hard to the PS3 side. I don’t like the way Microsoft has to micro manage everything and Nintendo stopped being fun at the SNES. The Wii was ok till my nuts dropped.
    The PS3 and 360 are great machines but I think Sony built a better and more rugged machine. I’ve had them both in pieces and Sony is easier to repair too.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I play whatever game I am into the most and which ever console it is on, I play it the most. I have split my time pretty evenly between xbox and ps3 right now. I play gears and saints row on xbox for a while and then some ncaa football 12 for a while on ps3. I do lean towards ps3 right now because of all the games they are making. Ms, on the other hand, is making all this money from xbox live and their console, but are not investing in studios or games I will play. So in that aspect, I lean toward Sony.

  • os1019

    LOL! Please no one amongst our GT Clan is a fanboy. Fanatics maybe fanboys no. PS3, X-Box 360 even the Wii current flavors of the month. The fanboys are those guys out there still playing their Panasonic 3DO’s and Sega Dreamcast :P

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Afrotrav: You’ve come clean, therefore your sins have been forgiven :D

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: Pro Sony, but not a fanboy….okay, cool :D

  • Ernice Gilbert

    “The Wii was ok till my nuts dropped.” Only Patrick. LOL

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @ Josh: Good points.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @os1019: “The fanboys are those guys out there still playing their Panasonic 3DO’s and Sega Dreamcast” I’m ROFL this one.. Haha. Love it.

  • newyearnewrule

    Of course I”m a fanboy…. I gaming fanboy :D