Wednesday, November 6, 2013

World War 3: Modern Warfare 3 Reviews Are Now Live – This Generation’s Defining FPS Series

The biggest piece of entertainment in history is now available in stores around the world, and the reviews are declaring it the best in franchise history. Even Edge, a publication that rarely hand out high scores, gave the game a 9, calling it “one hell of a package”.

Modern Warfare 3 has landed. Catch all the latest reviews below the break.

IGN – 9/10

Edge – 9

1up – A-

CVG – 9

Giant Bomb – 4/5

The Guardian 5/5

GameTrailers – 9.3/10

GameInformer – 9

JoyStiq- 4.5/10

Destructoid – 9.5/10

Eurogamer – 8

Videogamer 9/10

Venture Beast – 9

Edge puts it best:

“It’s funny to think that when Infinity Ward made Modern Warfare it didn’t have a mo-cap studio, relying instead on the loan of another company’s setup. Four years on and that’s certainly changed, but the animation of those feet lingers: a piece of heritage, both in the game and for the game. And Infinity Ward may have changed too, but its standards haven’t, delivering a consistent 60fps, zero controller latency, explosive set-pieces, robust multiplayer and military characters you actually give a damn about. Wherever Call Of Duty goes from here, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare trilogy stands as this generation’s defining FPS series – and Modern Warfare 3 is an emphatic, feature-packed and sometimes stunning final act.”

Here’s Destructoid:

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 treads familiar ground and focuses on tweaking rather than reinventing, and that’s just fine. While there are no major revelations or surprises, this is still a gorgeously produced package that gives military shooter fans exactly what they want. There’s a reason why Call of Duty is the most powerful videogame franchise of the modern era, and Modern Warfare 3 serves as a reminder — it’s just that damn good at what it does.

Whether you like what it does is a matter of personal taste, but the skill and experience brought to the table is hard to refute. Modern Warfare 3 gets it done, and it gets it done damn well.”

Video Reviews:


Game Trailers:

See you online. Our review goes up Thursday.

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  • benzo

    Seems to me that BF3 and MW3 are too damn similar. DICE should has stuck with the Bad Company storyline for BF3 and let IW have the modern army thing. Seems like the games were reviewed very closely, with MW3 edging BF3. Either way, I’m going to play both…AND NEITHER HOLDS A CANDLE TO UNCHARTED 3!!!!

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    I am not surprised the gaming media gave the new Call of Duty game such high praise. Certain games will get great reviews no matter what.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: Agreed. And I’m now playing MW3. Review incoming.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Clank: Let’s just hope that said games are always fun to play.

  • Dean Kent

    im just starting my MW3 obsession but sadley its on xbox 360…..And BENZO…………you are absolutley…………………………………………..right! uncharted 3 is an outstanding package with multiplayer that has me hooked! just different enough to be all sorts of fun.. Kicking a guy in the face while he is hanging on to ledge of king of the hill never gets old.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Uncharted 3 does reign supreme! That game is all kinds of awesome indeed. We’ll have a GT meetup soon. Should be uber fun!

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I just picked it up today for the xbox. This is the first i have purchased since COD 4. Haven’t played it yet, but my friends say it is fun but just like the others, and since i haven’t played the others, it might be better for me. I still do not think that they innovate enough though.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m having a great time thus far. Let’s see how it proceeds.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I have played the mp a good bit and the graphics are horrible. Black Ops looks better. The gameplay is the same and still pretty fun, but I feel like I am playing a game from 2007.

  • nick

    this is EXACTLY what uncharted 3 should of been!
    big set pieces in every single level, i feel like im in a michael bay film!
    i wish they would stop with the switching between a million characters though it makes it really hard to follow the story.
    tbh i have no freaking clue what the hells going on!
    i preferred the way treyarch presented BOs story that was really clever.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s loads of fun!

  • nick

    far too short though, finished it tonight only took me 4.5 hours.
    120 bucks for a 4.5 hour game, freaking pathetic!!!!!!

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I am different. I like Uc3 because it did not have as many explosions like a MB film. Yeah, I wish there were a few more, but I rather have the story. I guess that is the English major in me. I felt like the adventure in the game was more of a side note and the character relationships took the front stage, and I loved that about Uc3. MW 3 on the other hand is like most games, explosions and no substance. It is why I hated the bf3 sp and why i hate the Mw3 sp. I want ND to take 4 years to make the next Uncharted game and take the character relationships and story development from Uc3 and the big set pieces and explosions from Uc2 and mix them together, and that will make the best game I have ever played, but until then, I will just keep getting one without the other.

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