Saturday, January 4, 2014
Video Thirst: Battlefield 4 PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Video Thirst: Battlefield 4 PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

They both look good, but one clearly looks better than the other.

Guess which one it is, courtesy IGN:

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  • Jason

    Verdict, can’t tell. Why do they alway get someone how’s shit at the game to do thing like this? Is so frustrating watching him shoot the floor and the walls.

  • foxton

    this could be done by a fan boy and down to the differences in TV brightness and settings.
    its hard to tell on a lame ass quality laptop screen but xb one one looks brighter and crisper, however going by the comments on the ign website it would appear that most favour the ps4. I say who cares im gonna enjoy playing this on 29th Novemeber!

  • Crash Ōkami

    What I got out of the video are five things:

    1) Xbox One features horrible AA (if at all).
    2) Xbox One features crushed black, which means, wherever black is present on something, forget about detail. Tinkering with brightness and contrast options will crush whites, so it’s a lost battle from the start.
    3) For a 720p game to struggle at the same points the competitor 900p PS4 maintains a stable framerate is inexcusable.
    4) PS4 looks washed out, but since colors are balanced out (unlike point #2), it can be sorted out.
    5) Resolution difference isn’t evident now, but will be once you get to run the game properly on your TV. While the Xbox One version has some better textures at times, the lack of proper coloring and AA kills their value.

    The biggest letdown was the resolution difference — 1280×720 vs 1600×900 is huge, especially when the latter is coming from the cheaper machine. That’s my 2 cents anyway. I’m looking forward to a Ghosts comparison, since sources say it runs at 1080p on PS4 and 720p on One.

  • Tim

    The PS4 is an incredible machine, in fact a major German PC magazine recommends PCGH the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 over PC! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4. So you would need to spend more than double on PC to match the performance of optimised games on PC.

    Just wait until Naughty Dog come up with their PS4 game, they maxed out the PS3 like no other developer.

  • Crash Ōkami

    I agree, what some PC gamers don’t understand is the simplicity and low cost of the situation. You can get a decent PC for $500, but still, after a few years it will need upgrading and tons of optimization (something not many do well nowadays) to run like it would on a console. The “if it’s optimized” and constant “ifs” they throw around is what they don’t understand. I love my gaming PC and I’m looking forward to running Witcher 3 on max on it. But consoles are another thing.

    Also, agreed on Naughty Dog, and possibly even Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 from what we’ve seen so far.