Friday, March 29, 2013
Quenchables: 60 Frames Per Second Is A Possibility In Battlefield 4, DICE Says

Quenchables: 60 Frames Per Second Is A Possibility In Battlefield 4, DICE Says

“We’re still finding out what this engine can do and pushing the boundaries, so while I’m sitting here the people are hard at work at the studio. The next time we meet, I can probably tell you more about what we’ve found out.” – Battlefield 4 creative director Lars Gustavsson, speaking to Videogamer.

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  1. i saw the trailer and while i thought visually it looked amazing, i just am not hyped for it at all its just another shooter to me.

  2. oh an i also forgot today is the kojimas GDC stream. only 3 more hours, heres the link.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the link, bro!

  4. Yeah, I’m pretty much like Ghost here. I do believe it looks amazing, but it looks a lot like BF3, just with graphical improvements. Anyway, I won’t buy this game for the single player experience. I’ll play it, but the 6 to 8 hours it’ll last won’t be worth the 60 bucks I’ll pay ($110, if I end up getting premium, which I probably will… gosh…).

    I’ll wait for some console multiplayer footage.

    I’m also not really impressed with their “new” engine. It looks like they were proud about the beauty of BF3 while only “using 20% of Frostbite2″, but now they stop using it completely? What we’ll hear next is “We’re only using 20% of Frostbite3, omagosh thats kewl!”
    And on top of that, that “We’re still finding out what this engine can do” part kinda scares me… BF3 had a crap ton of bug with audio, video, and syncing, in the excuses they were new to the engine. Now that they know it well they scrap it and make an other one that they also say they’re “discovering”…

    Anyway, I’m just ranting now.

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