Monday, September 15, 2014
Army Of Two: Devil’s Cartel Reviews Are In, Stay Out

Army Of Two: Devil’s Cartel Reviews Are In, Stay Out

Army of Two: Reviews have been released two days after the game went on sale, and now I think I understand why: it was a very poor effort by Visceral Games.

Eurogamer – 5/10: 

The Devil’s Cartel is functional and fuss-free, a game that delivers the expected genre tropes with as little imagination and as much bluster as possible. It’s not a bad game, but nor does it have anything beyond basic mechanical competence to mark it out as “good” – and even that competence wobbles more than it should. In a few years’ time, I’ll probably look back over my Xbox Live profile and be surprised to see that not only did they make a third Army of Two game, but that I apparently played and completed it.

NowGamer – 6/10

It’s not the co-op that makes The Devil’s Cartel unique in any way but rather, the destructive environments, which explode and shatter in a way that will leave even Battlefield fans nodding their heads with approval. It’s a shame that beyond the shooting that The Devil’s Cartel comes up short in almost every other area, leaving this as yet another fun but flawed outing in the Army Of Two series.

GamingBolt – 7/10

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel does not justify its price tag due to a serious lack of varied content, however, the game is fun and some people would probably be satisfied with that.


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  • Ghost250

    It blows my mind how series continually gets new iterations?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. Same thing I was thinking… Couldn’t EA save that cash for something else? smh

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Well, I find the game pretty enjoyable, maybe it’s because I always liked Army of TWO as a series? I want to post a review of this, simply because it doesn’t deserve such harsh words, especially when put next to other games.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Christos: Put it up, then. Let’s hear your verdict!

  • foxton

    sorry to jumo in on a totally unrelated thread but….
    killzone 2 & 3 douple xp this whole easter weekend weekend whoop starts in 50 minutes!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: Thanks for the heads up. Will put up a post on it now. Thanks! Want to kill some ISA scum later, or what?

  • nick

    knew this was going to happen the second EA announced visceral were working on it!
    first they turned dead space into a gears wannabee.
    then they turned BF into a COD wannabee.
    then they turned syndicate into a freaking mess!
    then they turned the NFS series, well the less said about that the better!
    ME3, oh dont get me started!
    and now this.
    and they wonder why there constantly voted worlds worst company!!!!!!!
    not to mention their pain in the a$$ origin service, and the less said about the recent the sims DRM debacle the better.
    the sheer arrogance of them, they have a launch like they did with the sims, then have the guts to turn around and say yea we hate DRM too, oh BTW the sims thats not DRM.
    god i HATE you EA!