Friday, September 5, 2014
Dead Space 3 Reviews Arrive – Mixed Bag

Dead Space 3 Reviews Arrive – Mixed Bag

Dead Space 3 is out today and reviews for the game have finally hit gaming’s web. However it seems as if Visceral’s effort has caused more confusion than clarity, as some critics have given the horror title high scores, while others like Videogamer score it 5/10. Scores inside.

IGN – 7.8

VideoGamer – 5/10

OPM – 7

Destructoid – 8

God is a Geek – 8

Shacknews – No Score

Game Informer – 9.75

Gaming Nexus – 9.5

Expansive DLC – No Score

Digital Spy – 4/5

Spazio Games (Italy) – 8.5

CVG – 7.3

Eurogamer – 7

Joystiq – 4.5/5
Edge – 7

OXM – 7

Gamespot – 8

Kotaku – No Score 

AUSGamers – 9 – 9

Polygon – 9.5

3DJuegos – 8.8


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  • Alex Mason

    Screw this! Sly Cooper Thieves In Time is out guys! Go get that and relive your childhood! Only 40$ for both the PS3 and Vita version!

    Sly Cooper also got 8 on IGN, so go, go, go, go!

  • nick

    just goes to show how screwed up the industry is!
    either those who are marking it so well got some goodies from EA, or those who marked it so harshly are just a little too harsh on it.
    im guessing the former……..
    o, and as for sly well thats not doing much better.
    hell, the sess gave it a 2/5!
    and hes normally quite a generous marker.
    id love to go grab it, but $ony being $ony EU is not getting it till march 28.
    up against bioshock infinite.
    yea, i think we all know how thats going to end!
    fuck you too $ony!

  • Ghost250

    well i changed my mind im gonna go buy this game. i skipped around on some dead space 3 walkthroughs. and it looks promising, i just came to the conclusion that EA or Visceral chose some of the lamest parts to show off the game. talk about an advertising FAIL.

  • nick

    about 4 hours in now, dont like it at all!
    dunno why but it just does not feel like dead space, it does not have the excitement and enjoyment i got from the first 2.
    puzzles are really annoying too, after 3 games i really thought they would of evolved past the use kenesis to move 3 bars, wallah the ships power is restored!
    come on, i think us puny humans can handle something a little more in depth and complex than that…….