Thursday, September 11, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: What Do You Expect From The PlayStation Meeting?

Thirsty Conversations: What Do You Expect From The PlayStation Meeting?

February 20th is speedily approaching, the day Sony will reveal what it’s calling “The Future Of PlayStation”. Many believe PlayStation 4 will be unveiled there, noting the hype Sony’s placed behind the event, as the firm tries to one-up Microsoft in the upcoming console war, one that’s already started. But what do you expect Sony to show at the event?

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  • Alex Mason

    PS4! And a bunch of Vita games and trailers!


    Go Sony!

  • foxton

    has to be ps4 really the way they are building it up. Cant help thinking that it may be a bit too early for this though?! I can understand them wanting to get a head start on Microsoft, but i also think that they will use this as justification to inflate the price a ridiculous amount!
    It may just be something as simple as revamped PS or PS network, but somehow they way they are talking about it, there billing it up as big news so everyone will be expecting news on PS4 and would be severely disappointed if it wasnt.
    Just hope they don’t totally re jig the controllers :-(

  • Alex Mason

    @foxton: I would like to see some difference on the controller, I do like the touch-pad addition if it is true, but the share button? Seriously? Why not make the build quality a little better like make the basic design for the controller not to be black, but to be black with white blood splats. Or you could make the controller a little bigger.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I am looking forward to seeing the controller. I hope it fits well in my hands. If it does, I will be happy. As far as the announcement, I am sure it will be PS4. Everything is pointing to it. I think it is great idea to announce in New York. America is the one market that Sony has really struggled in this gen. So what better way to get the attention of the market again. You make a huge splash to help return that excitement the PS2 had in America. As far as pricing, I believe Sony will be more cautious with pricing. They want to make a profit and need high sales. I do not think that Sony will price as high again. I believe US $499 for an upper model and $399 for a lower model. I believe Sony would rather take a little loss and make it up through Software sales and other things than price themselves out if the market again.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m expecting a PS4 announcement, a look at some blockbuster games (tease most likely), and that new controller.
    I can already feel the hype. Bring it on, I say.

  • Dean Kent

    I predict a big announcment regarding their gaikai rebranding and some kind of teaser or countdown to the big reveal

  • Ghost250

    i think they’ll announce the PS4 but not the pricing or release date. i think they’ll do that at E3. i’m mostly interested in seeing what exactly the hardware will do. is it gonna be disc based, blocking used games, streaming from gakai, online infrastructure, will they use the XMB or a totally different UI etc. i already know the games will come so i’m not worried about that.

  • nick

    it will be interesting to see where the focus will be.
    rumors say $ony has moved light and day with their relationships with third party publishers, so maybe will start seeing some more third party exclusives?
    i wouldent be surprised to see allot of third party stuff, and maybe some CGI trailers but as for hardware that will stay under wraps till E3 at the earliest.