Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Modern Warfare 3 Review Is In – “Best First Person Shooter” On The Market

Boom! You can expect to start seeing reviews for Modern Warfare 3 slam the internet from now until launch day and after, but the first review of the game has gone live, and declares the shooter as all kinds of awesome.

Pros: Non stop action campaign, fast pace game, 60 frames per second audio, spec ups

Cons: Graphics overall are okay a polish version of Modern Warfare 2

8.5/10 from Gamerfusion, and the site concluded, stating: “Call of duty retains the high mark of being the best first person shooter video game, along with the improvements the game is worth buying it for the single player campaign mode, co-op mode and of course the multiplayer.”

Our review goes live on Thursday morning. Keep checking here for it.

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