Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Jack Tretton Clears Up Confusion Over PS4 Used Game DRM Stance

Jack Tretton Clears Up Confusion Over PS4 Used Game DRM Stance

For some weird reason, folks were overreacting because Sony U.S. boss Jack Tretton told Geoff Keighley on Game Trailers earlier today that it would be left up to publishers to implement DRM in their games if that’s what they want to do. What he meant was, since PS4 won’t require an internet connection to play games, and won’t impose any used games restrictions, the only other means by which publishers could try and haul cash out of the consumer was by imposing online passes, something that’s become standard this generation. Yet, folks twisted the thing, so for their sake, Tretton clarified the situation to AllThingsD in an interview.

Any game that is made for PS4 that is physical goods, whether first-party or third-party, can go into a PS4 and play regardless of where it came from. The first player will play it, no problem, the second player will play it, no problem. What I was referring to was the online proposition.

The example given to AllThingsD was:

If you buy a used disc from GameStop, you’ll have no problem popping that disc in and playing it from your PlayStation 4. The issue may arise when you try to jump online and play with other players. At that point, a third-party publisher may impose a fee or not allow that.

Tretton then hit the nail on the head one more time:

The easiest way to explain it is — if you understand how it works on PlayStation 3, then that’s the same way it will work on PlayStation 4. No changes there. We’ve been out for six and a half years. It’s the same experience.

Clear now? PS4′s DRM stance is the same as PS3′s. Which is no restrictions whatsoever.

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