Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Sony Saved The Games Industry


It’s a party right now. Internet whines are being drunk, even more champagne bottles are being popped open, and the gaming masses are in a celebratory mood following Microsoft’s epic reversal of Xbox One policy. Who’s to thank for this fiesta? Gamers? To an extent. Sony, heck yes. Read More »

Allowing Used Games On PS4 Creates Value, Sony Says


Sony’s chosen a different path than Microsoft when it comes to used games. One company’s console allows gamers to do whatever they so please with games they own, the other company has placed strict rules that some claim infringes on consumers rights. PS4 is the console of freedom, it seems, while Xbox One is the machine of restrictions. Read More »

On Amazon And At GameStop, PS4 Is Dominating


All of last week and over the weekend, Sony’s new console, the PS4, has been dominating positive mind share and has taken over the sales charts of Amazon and leads by high margins over its competitor at retailers like GameStop. It’s a result of the ruckus and successful press conference Sony held at E3 for the console, where it announced ... Read More »

Jack Tretton Clears Up Confusion Over PS4 Used Game DRM Stance


For some weird reason, folks were overreacting because Sony U.S. boss Jack Tretton told Geoff Keighley on Game Trailers earlier today that it would be left up to publishers to implement DRM in their games if that’s what they want to do. What he meant was, since PS4 won’t require an internet connection to play games, and won’t impose any used ... Read More »