Friday, August 29, 2014
PlayStation 4 Has 8GB or RAM, 2 Teraflops Of Computational Performance

PlayStation 4 Has 8GB or RAM, 2 Teraflops Of Computational Performance

PlayStation 4 was just announced at an event in New York, and we’ve learned that the machine is even more powerful than the rumors suggest.

Mike Cerny, lead system architect on PlayStation 4, revealed that the console has 8GB of RAM, which allows it to complete background functions and downloads without interrupting gameplay. You can also turn the console off, but thanks to the RAM, your game will restart at the exact point you turned it off next time you return.

The RAM also allows for greater dynamic effects. Cerny messed with Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4 tech demo in real-time, and a Sony demo that saw over a million balls falling around a detailed city environment all with dynamic physics was showcased.

Cerny later made known that the console has almost 2 teraflops of computational performance”, and a high-spec PC GPU.

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  • linglingjr

    I only got to watch the last half hour :- (
    I’m extremely disappointed. So i hear that we only got specs. What frequency is the CPU and GPU running at? Was DICE there? the fact they had this whole hype train and didnt even show us what it looks like or pricing seems pretty lame to me. I expected this to be the big event. It sure didnt feel like it.

  • nick

    no, he said the GPU alone has almost 2TFLOP of power, 1.84 to be exact.
    interesting to see what the whole system as a whole offers.
    VERY happy to see they have squeezed 8GBs of RAM in though!
    thats really going to help them going forward, especially for multitasking.
    very excited with whats been shown so far!