Sunday, August 31, 2014
Sony Announce PlayStation 4, Coming Holiday 2013 – New Details, Trailer Relealed

Sony Announce PlayStation 4, Coming Holiday 2013 – New Details, Trailer Relealed

Sony has just announced PlayStation 4.

The long awaited announcement came with a plethora of games, however the console itself wasn’t shown. We believe it’s because the firm’s saving the reveal of the machine itself for E3 in June.

Veteran designer Mark Cerny, who headed up architecture on the new console, introduced the PS4 the New York City event. “It is a powerful and accessible system,” he said. “And it has a deep feature set to support the ongoing evolution of gaming itself.”

The pad’s rumored share button and headphone jack are also made it to the final design.

The Share button will allow you to browse back through your last few minutes of gameplay and upload epic moments.

You’ll be able to download and update games in the background even with power off, while digital games will be playable as they’re being downloaded.

Let’s say you find a game you like on the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to stream a demo of it using Sony’s Gaikai technology. You’ll also be able to stream your gameplay to your friends – the service will be linked to UStream and Facebook – and they’ll be able to send messages to your screen.





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  • foxton

    Call me sceptical but having had time to reflect im somewhat a little dissapointed.
    So this was the big PS4 reveal that has had so much hype, A reveal where they didnt actually reveal it, because we dont no what it looks like, They didnt tell us how much its gonna cost or exactly when it will be released?!
    But what we do no is that its not backwards compatible and the graphics card is already outdated by todays top spec gaming pc’s
    All they did was show us a few clips of some upcoming games and tell their main rivals exactly whats under the hood!
    Yeah some of the features looks fun, but if people start spamming my facebook feed with gaming clips so there as common as the press like or this kid dies of cancer pictures They will get deleted!
    I think Sony still has a lot of work to do to ensure this is to be a success. But being the fan boy that i am if it is around the £300 then ill be pre ordering as soon as i can!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’ll be backwards compatible, Foxton. It’s also not outdated tech at all! Also, you didn’t really expect them to give a release date now , did you? Too early for that.
    And although I wanted to see the console itself, I understand they had to save something for E3… We’ll see the console then.

  • nick

    of course they havent revealed the price or release date yet, its not going to release for at least another 8 months!
    you cant announce a system and reveal EVERYTHING about it!
    the date and prices havent been announced yet because theres still so many events to come, if they revealed that stuff now, then 1 everyone would be hurling flaming diapers at them if it got delayed!
    which it very easily would this far from release!
    hell, AMD was suppose to release their jaguar line ages ago, but they have had allot of wielding issues so they had to delay it, so if they have to delay it again thats really going to fuck the ps4!
    secondly if they announced it now, at the systems announcement, that takes away a big piece of information they could use to make other events exciting.
    not to mention they themselves dont even know the price or release date yet!
    as i said AMD have had ALLOT of delays as of recent, its very likely they could suffer another, so sadly $ony is at their mercy.
    i wouldent be surprised if we dont have any pricing info and release date till TGS!
    and i wouldent be surprised to see it slip to next year for every region.
    that would be catastrophic for $ony, they NEED it to release this year!
    but sadly you cant rush these things, so if thats what it takes, thats what it takes.

  • foxton

    maybe but why not just show it now whilst the whole world is watching. Instead save it for E3 where they sharing the stage with eryone else and who knows maybe the new xbox?! nah they should of shown us it

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I agree with you there, Foxton. Although I see Sony’s point, they should have shown off the console. They had the world watching.

  • nick

    they dident have the world watching, they will have a much larger audience watching at E3.
    at least this way they have a few extra months to refine and improve it too.
    one thing i really hope $ony does is offer different colors ON LAUNCH!
    not the usual 6 years later BS!
    why is that so much to ask?