Sunday, August 31, 2014
Here’s The PlayStation 4 Controller

Here’s The PlayStation 4 Controller

The real deal.

There’s a “share” button, and the light bar, as well as being used to identify players with colour coding, is also the means via which a new PlayStation camera can track the pad for advanced motion controls. Then, you have your standard Dual Shock layouts.

How do you guys feel about it?


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  • linglingjr

    It looks ugly haha. I really wish they Kept the original analog stick design with the textured grips not this new thing… Funny how they mention social networks but don’t name any and how the whole uploading game play thing didn’t ever mention youtube.

  • nick

    minus the touch pad, i love it!
    yea its ugly, but who cares.
    really hope $ony has some sort of gamepad though, they really need something to compete with M$s smartglass and nintys gamepad.
    and the vita aint gonna cut it!