Sunday, February 1, 2015
EA Confirms Battlefield 4, Tells Gamers To “Stay Tuned” For Real Scoop

EA Confirms Battlefield 4, Tells Gamers To “Stay Tuned” For Real Scoop

As you can see in the image above, an Origin preorder promo for Medal of Honor: Warfighter includes as part of the package a free pass into the Battlefield 4 beta. Furthermore, DICE has told gamers to “stay tuned”.

The promotion was live on Origin for a long time, but after the news erupted on gaming’s web, EA pulled the promo and replaced it with a regular image.

It’s rather surprising to know that DICE is already hard at work on Battlefield 4, not because we weren’t expecting it, but we figured since EA are currently advertising MOH: Warfighter so strongly, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to distract potential buyers.

Here’s a proper image of the Medal Of Honor: Warfighter promotion.

[thanks, Nick!]

Via NeoGAF, IGN.

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  • Ernice Gilbert

    sorry folks, had the wrong image all along! Updated with the real deal!

  • nick

    EA is fast becoming my most hated publisher!
    not only because of the way they treat their fans, not only because of the constant lying, but also because of the way they treat their developers!
    in short they have spent 99% of this gen on battlefield.
    isent it about freaking time EA let them off the leash and let them get onto something new?
    same with visceral, DS2 came out jan last year just over a year later we have DS3 announced!
    there are sooooooooooo many other amazing franchises these developers have done, DICE with ME, and visceral with dantes inferno.
    so maybe its about dam time you let them get onto something they havent done in a while?
    my god there almost as bad as antivision!!!!!!!!!

  • linglingjr

    i was hoping they would release bfbc3 next, not BF4… wouldnt that just be funny if some of the bf3 DLC came out after the release of BF4? piss off all the premium people, I could actually see that happening.