Medal Of Honor Players Like More “Realistic” Shooters, Only Half Play Battlefield 3


EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has revealed through the latest GameInformer Magazine that only half of the Medal Of Honor community play Battlefield 3. He said that crowed prefers a more “realistic” and authentic FPS experience.

“We are very careful that Battlefield and Medal of Honor stay differentiated,” Gibeau said.

“While there is an inefficiency to having two different brands coming out alternating like that, there is some upside. You don’t have the annualized, sequel fatigue. With Medal of Honor we tried to embrace that the game is ‘real’. The multiplayer is different than Battlefield. We’re trying to use a sequencing strategy to keep it as fresh and different as possible.”

He added: “We can see what users play. Only about 50 per cent of players from the last Medal of Honor played Battlefield 3. When we talked to them, they said they liked the brand, more authentic shooters, and the story. So we are reaching a slightly different audience. The trick is figuring out how to grow both of them together.”

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter sees a release October 23rd for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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One Comment on "Medal Of Honor Players Like More “Realistic” Shooters, Only Half Play Battlefield 3"

  1. nick July 14, 2012 at 4:39 am -

    2 things.
    1 isent that exactly what battlefield is suppose to be?
    battlefield became so popular because it was the most realistic military game out there!
    thats exactly why so many people were disappointed with BFBC2, and then BF3, you tried to turn it too much into your typical mindless shooter!
    2 ok fine thats what MoH is suppose to be.
    so why are you changing it in the sequel?
    im sorry but from all the trailers and whatnot they have shown, warfighter looks allot more like BF3 than it does the MoH reboot!
    this is exactly why i hate EA!
    they say one thing, the things the fans want to hear, than do the complete opposite!
    you really think were THAT stupid!?

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