Saturday, January 31, 2015
Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2 Lead Designer Leaves DICE

Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2 Lead Designer Leaves DICE

Says it was the right time to leave.

David Goldfarb told Kotaku: “It was time to move on for me. Fans have nothing to worry about,” and while he had no clue where he’d wind up, Goldfarb said he’s been meddling with a film script and a novel since the ’90s.

“Today and yesterday I worked on cleaning up and reframing chapter 1 and 2. Mostly what this was was coming to grips with the old style of the book, which is this thing a friend of mine called ‘Biblepunk’ for lack of a better word,” he said. “Or Old Testament noir. Anyway. It’s weird, and it’s especially weird revisiting it as a writer and being like, how the hell am I going to get myself back in that creative headspace again.”

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  • nick

    sounds like he was sick of all the milking EA is doing with them!
    i wish bioware, visceral, and DICE could go freemasen!
    just feels like EA is holding them back from what they really want to do!