Thursday, January 29, 2015
Deal – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free On PS Plus

Deal – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free On PS Plus

Are you a PS Plus sub? Stop reading immediately and head onto PSN to download Deus Ex: Human Revolution free of charge. Yes, yes that’s right.

The download is now available for European PSN members, however we’re not sure if Sony will make available the same offering to U.S. Plus subscribers.

Additionally, all the title’s DLC offerings can be purchased at half off regular price. They include: The Explosion Mission Pack, the Explosive Mission and Tactical Enhancement Pack, and The Missing Link pack. These packs will be discounted for the next two weeks. The game itself will be free until the end of August.

Find Deus Ex: Human Revolution under PS Plus’ “Instant Game Collection”.

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  • Ernesto22

    I’ve been interested in playing Deus Ex for a while now. From what I understand this is a prequel. So would it matter if I played this one before the first one?

  • nick

    it helps to understand the background of the series but not the story.
    its kinda like AC2 you really dont need to play the first to understand the story but it does help with the series.
    see i told you im cursed!
    i just bought this from EB for 48 bucks 2 days ago!!!!!!!!!
    every single god dam time i buy something it goes on sale right after!
    when i bought my 8 series sammy TV its price dropped 400 bucks 2 weeks later!
    same thing happened when i bought my bravia HX800 but this time 600 bucks!
    oh and the speakers i bought at the beginning of the year 6 weeks later they dropped 300 bucks!
    oh at the samsung galaxy S3 the cheapest plan available when i bought it was 60 per month plus 5 for handset repayments.
    only 2 weeks later they dropped it to 50 per month and no handset repayments.
    so thats 15 bucks a month difference.
    15 bucks by 24 months thats 360 bucks down the shitter!
    sigh, i REALLY need to find that black cat following me everywhere!