Saturday, December 21, 2013
Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Over IP Issues Are Being Worked On Now

Battlefield 3 PS3 Voice Over IP Issues Are Being Worked On Now

DICE has confirmed that a fix is incoming for the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 which suffers with some game-breaking Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) problems.

The malfunction was first pinned as a hardware problem, meaning the PS3 itself has built-in discrepancies that prevents DICE from issuing an unending fix, however the firm’s said it’ll do it’s best to find a resolution.

We’ve tried to explain the problem in detail concerning PS3, especially its voice chat misgivings, but it’s good to know DICE is hard at work on a fix.

“There are colleagues working on fixing the voip on PS3 right now, it’s high priority,” said TomasDanko VO Producer at DICE Audio via twitter.

Patience, my friends.

Thanks, MP1st.

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  • nick

    pretty sad when such a big problem is still here 2 months after launch!
    i mean dident they pick this up in the beta?
    why has it taken them so long!
    ok its partly a hardware issue, but this is the first patch they have received to try fix it!
    i mean if you break you arm and am gushing blood everywhere, do you try and get something tight around it to stop the bleeding and a splint to keep it straight?
    or do you just say ah shell be fine till we get to the hospital?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Battlefield 3 was rushed out to compete with COD. There’s no doubt about it… The recent patch notes confirmed this very thing.

  • nick

    everything gets rushed out, the days where people put pride into there work and made sure it was perfect till it was out are gone!

  • driftkingireland

    fuck you and “patience my friends”. i paid good for that game and it doesnt work!!.

  • rpatricky

    @driftkingireland – works well enough for me to be able to wait for the patch. Honestly, the only time I experience the VOIP issues is in the after match lobby. Once in the game, things are all good. The crappy thing is it has to go through a week, or more, of Sony certification once submitted.

  • driftkingireland

    well thats great for you patricky but it never works for me or any of my friends who all paid good money for the game too.why should i have to wait 2 months to hear my friends in the game?
    they didnt tell me that when they were releasing it!. the game froze constantly on me untill i had to buy another console and another copy of the friggen game too so im a little lacking in sympathy for a corporation that makes millions of dollars selling games that dont work.

  • rpatricky

    You shouldn’t have to. I too am tired of receiving incomplete games. Black Ops was the biggest POS when I got it.
    I am tired of the Publishers pushing the Developers to release buggy games.

  • CobraBlueFour

    I’m with Drift…If I paid for a 60 dollar game with 35 real dollars and 25 Monopoly dollars, Dice…Sony…and any other normal corporation would raise Hell about it and I would be arrested for a crime. Bad management, bad planning, incompetent programing, obsolete hardware, bugged and glitching software, no real saturation testing, and finally, BF3 caters to the BO/MW3 crowd to some degree. Dice-Sony, you can’t please all the people all the time, but to can keep the loyal fans of Battlefield/Bad Company/MW2/MW3/BO/SOCOM etc., etc. etc. happy by making IMPROVMENTS to these games instead of creating DRAWBACKS!
    My ass is serevly chapped by all of this…word to the wise….FIX IT NOW!

  • CobraBlueFour

    …and another thing…typos happen when I’m angry. Go figure…

  • CobraBlueFour

    …and finally…this is what it sounds like to play BF3 and attempt to communicate with fellow players…see if you can figure this out: This is what BF3 sounds like!

    I’m so _ ick of __ ese _ od Damne_ voi__ _ ver prob___lems on _F3 I _eel like _oing ou_ and bu__ng an X_ox and __asting my P_3 and my _ice game collec____ with my .4_ _agnum revol___.


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