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First Look: The Adventures Of Shuggy

With the huge hype that surrounds E3 beginning to fade away, it’s the time of year that gamers search for something that will keep them busy, until their favourite blockbuster title is realised laster in the year. And what better type of game to keep your thumbs busy, than a cheap puzzle platformer with tons of levels. Luckily one such game has just been released on the Xbox Live Arcade. May I present to you, ‘The Adventures Of Shuggy’.

Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Publisher: Valcon
Developer: Smudge Cat Games
Price: 800 MSP

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  1. Thu, 16th Jun 2011 at 4:10 am

    hmmmm, very interesting.
    reminds me allot of supermeat boy.
    might download it next month when theres not many games releasing.
    if im caught up that is.
    too many games releasing at the same time, i mean im only 5 or so hours into infamous 2 and i still got NFSHP, dirt 3, allice madness returns and RFA to finish.
    not to mention shadows of the damned, ape escape and fear 3 are releasing next thursday.

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