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First Look – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

counter strike go

Gamers have been playing Counter-Strike in various different forms since 1999 and as of last year the franchise had sold over 27 million units worldwide. Now a new iteration named “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” has just hit the online marketplace and for the first time it’s available on consoles. Read More »

First Look – Forza 4

I am a total novice when it comes to driving games. So find out what I thought after one of my first ever races in the most recent instalment of the highly acclaimed Xbox exclusive racing franchise. Spoiler alert, the games looking great. Read More »

First Look – Rock Of Ages

In terms of unique concepts for games they don’t get much more bizarre than this. Rock Of Ages is an action-strategy game that combines a castle defence game with fast paced rolling action of a game like Super Monkey Ball. Now lets see if it is any good. Read More »

First Look – 40K: Kill Team

Warhammer 40,000: Kill team is a fast-paced arcade shooter that is available on the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. While fans of the Warhammer franchise look to get the most enjoyment from this title it is still an all round solid third person arcade style shooter. Read More »

First Look – Boulder Dash XL

The summer of arcade begins next next Wednesday (July 20th) and will be bring some of the years best looking arcade titles all just one week apart. But with these big titles just around the corner we mustn’t forget the little guy. Read More »

First Look – Ms. Splosion Man

Splosion Man was well received by both critics and fans. It is therefore no surprise that we are seeing a sequel so soon after the originals launch back in 2010. But can Splosion mans female equivalent match the quality and charm of the original. Get the load down in our first look video. Splode Again! Read More »

First Look: Sonic Generations

The Sonic franchise has had it’s fair share of highs and lows over the last 20 years of titles. The the extreme highs of beautiful graphics and fast paced gameplay that were seen in the first three games, to the disappointing lows of countless spinoffs and failed tentative steps into 3D plains. But while the past 20 years spent with ... Read More »

First Look: The Adventures Of Shuggy

With the huge hype that surrounds E3 beginning to fade away, it’s the time of year that gamers search for something that will keep them busy, until their favourite blockbuster title is realised laster in the year. And what better type of game to keep your thumbs busy, than a cheap puzzle platformer with tons of levels. Luckily one such ... Read More »

First Look: Frozen Synapse

Most great games are waited on by expectent gamers who will have seen all the trailers and read everything to know about the game. But sometimes a great game will just fall on your lap from nowhere. This is exactly what happened to me with Frozen Synapse. Read More »

First Look: Halo Reach Demo

I’m sure that most people’s response was the same when they saw that a Halo: Reach demo just became available on the xbox live marketplace, “Why bother releasing a demo now?”. Halo Reach was originally released 8 Months ago so it does initially seem bizarre, but when you think about it their are several good reasons why releasing the demo ... Read More »

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