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The Megatons: These Four Unexpected Games Will Rock E3 2011

So you’re pumped about E32011 eh? You think it’s going to be the mother of all of gaming expos and will unveil some of your favorite games. You’re officially gung ho about Uncharted 3, and the latest Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer has left you salivating, thirsty for more. It’s really bad, that’s how good it is. You’re also thinking of Modern Warfare 3 ever since that teaser was released, however you’re most excited for XCOM and Kingdoms. Yet although all the aforementioned games will surely light up the event, it’s the unexpected showings that will truly steal the show.

Find out the potential megaton announcements below the break.


Rockstar’s said it won’t be attending E3 this year because it has nothing to show. However the developer’s been hard at work on a Sony exclusive for about two years, and they’ve yet to reveal anything. Could it be a true surprise reveal will happen at this year’s E3? I’m betting yes. Rockstar’s one to put on a show and Sony needs to drop many bombs. An Agent announcement would send the place certifiable. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Kojima said Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots would be Snake’s last adventure, but the man’s telling a half-life. We know Metal Gear Solid: Rising is somewhat a spin-off and is not counted as a “true” sequel. So what about Metal Gear Solid 5, will it ever happen? Of course it will. Kojima said the last game was Snake’s last title – but which “Snake” was he talking about? And there are rumors running rampant claiming he’ll reveal the sixth true installment next month!

He also said “maybe I’ll do Metal Gear Solid 5“. Look out for Sony’s presser.

Syphon Filter

Sony’s been giving life to some of its old franchises recently, and last year David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal was unveiled at E3. So don’t go losing your mind if and when Sony brings Syphon Filter to life at the show. It’s one of the platform holder’s greatest franchises, and its yet to see a remake or revamp happen.


Like one of GT’s user said, “I can literally taste a new Onimusha coming soon”, and he’s right. In fact, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono said, now “feels right” to bring back the series. Telling IGN “It feels like it’s the time to resurrect that series.” “But I wouldn’t want to do the things we’ve done before. I think it might be time to progress beyond the standard single-player adventure.”

Well whatever it is, expect Capcom to make a splash at E3, not with Tekken X Capcom or whatever, because we already know those titles will be present. Expect Onimusha 5!

Tons of other big things happening at the show, including new hardware unveiling and lost more. But for me it’s about the game, and the games we just listed should bring down the house.

Gamesthirst will cover the events fully.


  1. Fri, 20th May 2011 at 6:17 am

    i seriously doubt agent will be there, simply because R* said there not attending, and normally they mean what they say, i dont think its a cover up like david did last year.
    oh no, im not going to E3 this year.
    2 days later theres pics all over the net of him walking around the convention!
    it would seem right, agents been announced for 2 years now so it should be ready for picking.
    R* said there not attending though, so i doubt agent will b there.
    as for MGS6 well will need 5 first.
    im positive MGS5 will be at E3, if not ill be really shocked!
    the master did say hes announcing 2 games there, and one was a new IP.
    wonder if it will be that taboo game.
    as for syphon filter 5, well let me put it this way.
    08 there were strong rumors of its return, even new details.
    no show!
    09 again strong rumors, even more new details, some journalists claim to have seen it.
    no show!
    so, yea.
    id LOVE to see it there, but i aint holding my breath!
    as for onimusha dont hold your breath!
    i cant see it coming back.
    i actually dont want to.
    nuf said!
    id put my money on a 8 days return.
    allot of rumors going around saying its back.
    plus sony said its not canned, just put on hold.
    plus sony london studio, the developers said they put it on hold to finish eyepet.
    its been finished for a while now…….
    another game im expecting to see at E3 is sony cambridges new game.
    supposedly to be medievil sequel, hope so tis was one of my favorite ps1 games!
    disappointed to see VALVE wont be there!
    oh wel, looks like will have to wait another decade till we get HL3 or HL2 epp 3.
    god dam it valve, come on its time for gordan freemans return!

  2. Fri, 20th May 2011 at 7:01 am

    fix the MGS5 bit. Also, I really want a new Onimusha game man. Sigh…

  3. Fri, 20th May 2011 at 11:47 am

    i know, so do i.
    but i dont at the same time because look what capcom have done to DMC!
    i know they will try change it in some way and totally destroy the series like they did DMC4,RE5 and lost planet 2

  4. Fri, 20th May 2011 at 11:49 am

    You have a point.

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