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The Top 11 Bombshell Moments Of E3 2010, One’s A Megaton

Say it loud: This year’s E3 was one of the best ever! Big moments, big reveals, spanking hot trailers – but which moment was the best? Which moment literally brought down the freaking show?

Here, Games Thirst has lined up the best moments, bombshells, ever of E3 2010. We start at with number 11.

11: Microsoft Reveals Kingdom, an exclusive Xbox 360 title developed by Crytek.

The moment when the announcement was made, the crowd went wild. An exclusive title being developed by Crytek, Kingdom is looking good from what we’ve seen. It’s always big when another exclusive title is added to a console’s lineup.

10: Sony Shows Off PS3 3D Capabilities:

Most of Sony’s press conference was rendered in HD 3D, and the giant made it its business to make sure the entire crowed got to experience the thrill for themselves.

Everyone had glasses, trailers and promos were shown but what got the crowd into the moment was Killzone 3 in spectacular 3D. The gameplay footage shown was just awesome, but the folks who were there experienced it to the fullest.

9:Sony Shows Off Move Its Games

We’ve known about Move for a long time, but Sony took time out of its presser to make sure we learned even more, showing off some key Move titles. New IP Socerey was shown, Sports titles, and more.

The big News though, was when Sony announced that even Killzone 3 will have Move compatibility.

8:Microsoft Shows Off Kinect:

Just moments before the Project Natal Experience went live on Sunday, the real name of Microsoft’s handless motion device leaked onto the web. Soon after a plethora of information was made available.

But at its conference, Microsoft took time out to try and impress the crowd by demonstrating what Kinect can do. There’s voice command, and the games shown were generally good. There’s also big backing of Kinect from major developers. It was indeed a moment to witness.

7: Kevin Butler Takes The Stage, Mocks Kinect:

No one saw it coming but it came: Kevin Butler took to the stage at Sony’s Presser, cracked some jokes and started mocking the life out of Kinect (lol). That was serious fun right there.

A True unscripted yet properly scripted moment. One that will last throughout the years.

6:Nintendo Unveils Donkey Kong Returns!:

This one’s my personal favorite. I’ve been a Donkey Kong Country fan for umpteen years, and I was totally not expecting to see a DKC reveal, but it happened.

The game will be released later this year and judging by what we saw, it will be monster. Big moment.

5: Nintendo Reveals New Zelda Wii: We’ve been waiting long years for this one and finally, the mastermind Miyamoto came on stage to demonstrate what he’s been working on for so long.

New Zelda Wii by all means will be a great title, although Miyamoto was having some trouble controlling the game with the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck, he promised that the game worked fine and the lag was because of cellphone interference. Expect the game next year.

4:Microsoft Unveils the new Xbox 360 S: GamesThirst nailed the rumor right on the head with this one. Exactly what we predicted happened, and it was a grand moment in Xbox history.

The new, redesigned console comes Kinect ready with a 250GB HDD, and built-in Wi-Fi, which MS claims is the fastest on the market. It’s slick, black and will sell for the current price: $299. Bombshell moment no doubt. And to add to the moment, Microsoft gave everyone in the room a console for free. Now how awesome was that?

3: David Jaffe Takes To The Stage, Big Bus And All, Unveils Twisted Metal: It was a surprise! All had given up hope on David Jaffe appearing at the show. But he did, they brought a messed up bus – Twisted Metal style with them too.

A trailer for the game was also showed off, including gameplay footage. It was a great moment. The crowd, by the way, went wild.

2: Nintendo Unveils Its New Handheld: The Nintendo 3DS:

Yes, innovation is what has revolutionized our industry time and time again. It was Nintendo who risked its entire company and dove headfirst into the motion business.

People mocked, including Sony and Microsoft, they said Nintendo was crazy and it would never work. It was a suicide mission, they said, but look at what has happened.

The Nintendo Wii has become the best selling console of this generation, and there’s no way the others will catch up. Not only that but the same “suicide mission” the other two gaming giants spoke about, they are now the ones diving full throttle there. Oh how the tables have turned.

Now, Nintendo has done it again. This time debuting for the first time, its latest innovation, the best of the bunch: The Nintendo 3DS.

Who would have thought that 3D without glasses would come so soon? Nobody. Sony’s doing a good job with the PS3 but it’s Nintendo who’s taken the revolution to another level.

Not only will you be able to play games without 3D glasses, the thing will also render movies in 3D! If that’s not innovation then nothing else is.

One of the biggest bombshell moments in E3 history.

Now this:

1: Gabe Newell Invades Sony’s Presser, Announces Portal 2 Plus Steam Console Exclusivity, Crowd Losses It:

Take your pen and a notepad and write this down. Gabe Newell’s Appearance at Sony’s presser was the biggest E3 bombshell ever. The thing beat out the Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement that happened a few years back by 14 miles and a half.

You see it’s significant for many reasons: First the guy hated PS3 and even promised once never to develop for the console. He said it was just to difficult to develop anything for, and that Orange Box fiasco had concreted his stance.

But yet, as a show stopper, the man came on stage, Sony’s stage of all places! The crowd didn’t even know how to react at first, and he himself looked somewhat nervous. Gabe Newell’s also a genius at what he does, he’s brought us some of the best games anywhere.

He announced Portal 2 on PS3 and even should a demo. He went on to say that the best version of the game will be on PS3, and that said system would have his much lauded service, Steam, exclusively.

Megaton Megaton, Mega freaking Ton!

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  • nick

    nah, it still pales in comparison to GTAIV going to the 360 i thought that would never happen.
    in fact we have had bigger announcements this year than that outside E3, like insomniac signing with EA i thought that would NEVER happen!
    not to mention bungie signing with activision, again something i thought would NEVER happen!
    E3 has been a massive disappointment this year.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, but you must admit, this year, it was the biggest surprise..

  • nick

    this years E3 yeah but not this year overall.
    what can i say its been a shocking year.