Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eidos “Very Confident” In PS3 Version Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dues Ex: Human Revolution is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and looking at the dev diaries released already have only strengthened my stance on it. But we’ve all gotten used to PS3 version of multiplatform titles often times getting the shaft – but according to Eidos, the game’s developer, the PS3′s version will be intact, and they’re very confident about it.

Director Jean-Francois Dugas and Producer David Anfossi were over at the US PS Blog talking up the game’s story, setting, artistry and gameplay, saying it’s important that gamers look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a “new IP”, explaining how they’re “re-imagining” the sci-fi world.

They spoke of many things but most importantly, how secure they felt about the PS3′s version.

“Since the beginning, it was very important for us to not treat the PS3 version as a ‘port’ — you can trust us on that. We’ve worked that way in the past with other games, and it was crazy,” Anfossi said.

Awesome news. But many a developer has uttered the same noise and failed to deliver. Let’s hope this is not the case here.

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  • nick

    tis not the ps3 version im worried about!
    there not doing the PC version in house, so i can smell another console port on the way!
    oh, what happened to the good old days where the PC was the place to be?
    comparing PC games to console games was like comparing a Ferrari to a Kia!
    when will developers stop giving there PC fans the short end of the stick?
    as ATIs marketing director said a few days ago.
    PCs today are roughly 10 times more powerful then consoles, so why dont PC games look 10 times better?

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Good points. Don’t know…. I guess it’s the money thing all over again…

  • nick

    unfortunately yes.
    i wish PC gaming could go back to the old days where they were heads and soldiers above consoles!
    comparing the PC and xbox version of doom 3 was like comparing gold to copper!
    comparing the PC version of crysis 2 to the 360 version of crysis 2 is like comparing 18 carrot gold to 12 carrot gold.
    same stuff, slightly better, but not to the scale of the hardware!
    gone are the days where PC games use to be well ahead of the competition!

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