Sunday, September 7, 2014

God of War III Losing Sales As PS3 Shortages Continue

It’s not really a good time to be experiencing console shortages for Sony is it? The giant’s most anticipated game is now out, a sure system seller but according to reports Sony can’t keep enough PS3s in places like GameStop and other retailers to keep customers satisfied.

“Obviously it’s a question we ask the platform holders constantly. “I can tell you that we do anticipate we will be in this situation, at least with the PlayStation 3, for another couple months unfortunately because we could sell a lot more hardware than what we have on both the PS3 and Wii platform,” GameStop’s Executive VP of Merchandising Tony Bartel told IGN.

“We do believe the Wii will come into stock quicker than the PS3, so we do anticipate that those shortages should abate sometime before the next couple months,” he added. “But I don’t have clarity as to why there is a shortage other than because of the unprecedented hardware demand in December, and I think we are still scrambling to catch up from the surge that occurred.”

So shortages will be around for a while, and maybe well past the God of War III ‘heat’.

In the one of his show’s recent episodes, Pachter said Wii shortages will be around for a while and will be one of Nintendo’s problems going forward, and earlier in the Year SCEA Patrick Seybold said that the shortages PS3 is experiencing won’t last very long.

Either ways, it’s especially bad for Sony, as one of its biggest console sellers is out now.

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  • sbains

    Can Sony explain why we have PS3 shortages – are the components not in ample supply as launch happened over 4 years ago … what am I missing?

  • newyearnewrule

    I have no idea, : ( incompetence?

    It’s a shame though.

  • David Macphail

    Umm….maybe i missed something but where exactly in this article does it back up the title that God Of War 3 is currently losing sales?

    There are PS3 shortages, yes, however according to VGChartz GOW 3 is performing exceptionally well at retail. Over 1 million for week 1 worldwide, apparantly.

    I don’t understand what the title has to do with the actual article.