Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Epic Agrees: “Heavy Rain Has Birthed A New Genre”

A lot of important people are talking about the positive impact Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is having on the industry, and how it’s good that gamers have appreciated something that’s radically different from most of the games we play.

In fact, at many points in Heavy Rain the old proverb rings true, ‘patients is a virtue’ and apparently gamers have shown just that. All over the web they’re asking for a sequel, but will Sony take note? Maybe, however Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski sure is, saying that game “has birthed a new genre”.

“By combining elements we’ve seen before in an excellent manner it appears as if Heavy Rain has birthed a new genre, the “Interactive Drama,” Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski tweeted.

And I couldn’t agree more. So will we see developers tackle said genre? I think they should, but if they’re going to, the game being developed must be properly made. Nothing shabby will stand in this new genre, it takes a lot of dedication and much effort on every single detail.

Tough act to follow Heavy Rain, but we’ve got an entire host of talented people in the gaming biz.

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  • os1019

    Heavy Rain has definitely birthed a new genre in gaming in fact 2010 is a revolutionary year for games. It started with Uncharted 2 (2009) and carried on with Heavy Rain and the soon to be release Alan Wake where story telling, decision making and plot take the forefront of the game.

    Not that the graphics or action on any of the games suffers but all three are surely a break from your traditional FPS that have come to symbol our current era of gaming.

    I hope each of these three will open up another exciting chapter of game making.

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