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Video Thirst: The First Ever Forza 4 Dev Diary Takes To The Bernese Alps

by Ernice Gilbert on August 4th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

Microsoft’s gone bold with the first ever developer diary for Turn Ten racer Forza 4, and in it, you’ll see the studio visit the Switzerland race track in Bernese Alps. If you don’t know, the Bernese Alps are a group of mountain ranges in the western part of the Alps, in Switzerland, and there the Forza team hopes to bring to reality in its game, a real simulation experience. It’s below the break.

Video Thirst: First F1 2011 Dev Diary Reveals Co-Op Modes, Gameplay Footage

by Ernice Gilbert on June 24th, 2011, under 3DS, Codemasters, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360

Codemasters have released its first developer diary for F1 2011, confirming co-op for the championship mode, showing off some gameplay, and also a rise in the number of players in multiplayer.

Video Thirst: EA Unleashes Need For Speed: The Run – Debut Trailer Inside

by Ernice Gilbert on April 29th, 2011, under EA, Hot, News, PS3, Xbox 360

EA says Need For Speed: The Run will be the “race of your life”, as the publisher introduces us to the new, hardcore-looking title. Details and a spanking hot trailer can be found below the break.

Forza 4 Will Be Best Looking Game Of 2011, Features 500 Cars

by Ernice Gilbert on March 24th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

Move aside, GT5, Forza 4′s about to show you how it’s done. Here’s how – the game will look ten times better than its predecessor, and will come loaded with 500 cars.

Gran Turismo 5, however, came ready with 1031 cars, and the visuals looked real, so there’s a lot of work cut out for you, Turn Ten, if indeed you plan to keep up.

Motorstorm Reviews Have Landed, A Great Game It’s Branded

by Ernice Gilbert on March 9th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony

On the fence about PS3 exclusive Motorstorm? Get your butt off the couch, you indecisive gamer! Run to your nearest online store and pre-order the game now. It’s been branded great by the reviews, something Sony must proud of.

The full quencher’s past the break.