Sunday, September 14, 2014

Video Thirst: First F1 2011 Dev Diary Reveals Co-Op Modes, Gameplay Footage

Codemasters have released its first developer diary for F1 2011, confirming co-op for the championship mode, showing off some gameplay, and also a rise in the number of players in multiplayer.

While PS Vita and 3DS versions are under development, the console and PC versions will go on sale in September.

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  • nick

    really looking forward to this, i had allot of fun with the original.
    just turn the sound up, and enjoy the music!
    thats the best part of the game, the engine sounds are so good!
    not realistic, yet, but pretty dam good!
    went to the F1 a few years ago, and all i can say is my ears are still ringing!
    god knows how the drivers ears feel…….

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’ve always loved the F1 games, this one will not disappoint.

  • nick

    you ever been to a F1 race?
    definitely gotta go, its a life changer!
    i remember when i was a kid one of my best friends father worked for quantus so he got tickets every year to it, so he took his son one year.
    i was on the phone with him during the race, and just before he hang up the cars came flying by was so loud i dropped the phone as it felt like someone drove a flaming pick through my ear!
    then the time we went i was with my uncle, i was just about ready to put the ear buds in and my uncle turns to me and says you might want to wait till the cars are a little closer…..
    i asked why, and he said you will thank me later.
    suffice to say he was right!
    i dunno how the drivers do it, i mean surely the helmets and ear protection would not block out that much.
    best place to go though, lots of bikinis about.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Wow. I’d really love to! Maybe some day…Sounds awesome.