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Dear DICE, I Am Disappoint – Battlefield 3 Beta Review

My Battlefield 3 beta review.

There was no way you couldn’t have been caught in EA and DICE’s hype machine for it’s upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3. Oh yes. “This November, we’re launching Battlefield 3,” John Riccitiello, chief executive of EA,said. “It’s going up against the next Call of Duty, which is presently the No. 1 game in the game industry,” he added. “A game that last year did $400 million dollars in revenue on day one. [Battlefield 3] is designed to take that game down.”

It didn’t stop there, however, DICE said in the past that, “what we’ll show on console [from Battlefield 3] doesn’t look worse than any other game out there,” adding, “It’s probably even better than every other game out there on console.” And that’s just for starters.

As you can see, the talk was much, and gamers the world over were expecting a beta that would deliver these promises. But it didn’t. The game’s beta hasn’t lived up to none of the standards EA and DICE bragged up so gleefully, leaving many with a bitter taste in their mouths, wondering what went wrong. Battlefield 3 is pinned by EA has a Call of Duty killer, but if that’s the way they plan on taking down the biggest piece of entertainment in the world, everyone at both firms should be fired. Dear DICE, I am disappoint. Let me explain why.

What left A Bitter Taste:

How can you release a beta that’s so bug-ridden mere weeks before Battlefield 3 goes on sale? Nothing works well in the game, and what works doesn’t satisfy. Firstly, you can’t really tell who your enemies are because all the soldiers look alike, and there’s really nothing to inform you that you’re standing in front of an enemy besides a tiny map. When you do shoot an enemy, you feel like it’s luck and chance. Bullets come from nowhere and hit you in the face, you’re dead. Camping is rampant. Throwing grenades is very awkward and they take way too long to explode.

Even the melee system is lackluster. You feel no sense of gratification when doing a knife takedown like say with Killzone 3 or COD. Yes, the game sounds good, but nothing above and beyond what Killzone 3 and other topnotch shooters provide. I’m yet to see Frostbite 2′s prowess.

Visuals. Nothing special about Battlefield 3′s visuals, guys. Nothing at all. Both EA and DICE talked this very thing up. We were expecting to be blown away visually when playing Battlefield 3. But, like one of its most ardent fans said in these comments, Killzone 2 looks better than Battlefield 3. There’s destruction but nothing close to what the two firms talked up. Certain things will take damage but others that should also be able to be destroyed, stand undeterred, undamaged doesn’t matter what is thrown at them.

It gets worse:

I’ve just now learnt that there will be no squad management in-game and no voice chat, it’s only accessible through Battlelog. That’s according to a tweet from DICE Daniel Matros. He said: “Voice chat and squadding will be on the battlelog side of things.” No wonder I didn’t see those options when I was trying to form a squad, and no wonder my friend online kept asking me if I could hear him. I clearly couldn’t and was wondering why.

So you’re telling me I”ll have to browse through Battlelog just to format the way I see fit my squad? So if I opt not to get the service, I won’t be able to talk to my friends? How counterproductive is that? How futile and backward. I’m also assuming this is why I can’t customize my weapons before a game starts? You know, the menu screen allowing you to enhance your weapons etc. Battlefield 3, for some odd reason, don’t allow for such customization on the boot screen.

I’m not even going to talk about the many glitches in the game, because I’m hoping DICE will fix those issues before launch, through a day one patch. Constantly you’ll “fall under” as if you’re underneath earth watching your friends and foes above. You can still kill them, though. I went on a killing streak when said glitch occurred. Lots of other problems but like I said, DICE is already hard at work fixing those issues.

I’m also confused as to why they only offered one map, and one game mode. Battlefield’s laced with game modes. They even added Team Deathmatch – so at least give us Conquest. Instead we’re stuck playing Rush over and over again. It’s a great mode, but nothing that hasn’t been done before and is similar to modes found in other shooters. Think of it as Operations from Killzone 3, but without the cinematic cutscenes. There are lots of maps in the full game so at least give two, a la Uncharted 3 in which three maps were eventually available. I don’t understand why DICE and EA didn’t think about these things for a game they’re spending millions to develop and even more to advertise. Just doesn’t make sense. And the argument that “it’s just a beta” will not stand either. A beta, especially for a highly anticipated game is not meant to turn people away and lose sales, which is exactly what’s happening with Battlefield 3. All over the internet, gamers who were once stoked about the title, have been canceling.

What Quenched My Taste:

The perks system in Battlefield 3 is amazing. There’s lots of rewards to be had throughout your playtime, and DICE is promising to support the game for years. In fact there are great rewards for almost everything you do in Battlefield 3, and it works pretty well. You’ll find yourself earning points, lots of it, even if you never manage to actually shoot and kill someone in the game, and the bonuses are also welcomed. DICE has definitely placed a lot of effort into the game’s perk system, and it works very, very well.

The gameplay is also a solid piece of work. You’ll feel it as you play. Everything is responsive and the core Battlefield gameplay mechanic is intact.

The visuals are not bad, but nothing as DICE promised, and what can be destroyed, when destroyed, looks good and feels satisfying. The Metro Map, although not the best I’ve seen, provides lots of avenues to wage war. From the a nice lush-looking park, to inside the Metro itself, and then into a city. All offering various routes of battle.

I also like what they’ve done with player ability. You can jump, stoop, and go flat on your stomach while moving stealthily. You’ll also appreciate, when it works, how you jump over ledges – the whole thing feels real, like you’re actually there doing it. It’s also something we haven’t quite seen in other shooters, and quite a nice distinguishing element from the bunch.

Water Scale

Overall Battlefield 3′s beta, while shows a game that holds promise, suffers from quite a few issues. You can definitely see DICE worked hard to make this one an epic affair, but as you play through, you’ll realize it falls short. It misses the mark. It’s like arriving at a place but barely getting there. Like finishing a relay race, fatigued, and not having time or the energy to pass the baton.

So for the many promises that were made and wasn’t actually kept. I am disappoint. For Frostbite 2 which is supposed to take things up a notch, but manages somehow to showcase nothing groundbreaking, I am disappoint. For all my hopes flying high waiting to play the beta, only to find myself speedily running away from it, I am disappoint. And for all the pre-orders lost, I am indeed, disappoint.


We’re hoping to have our review of the full game on the site before it goes on sale, or the very same day it launches. We’ll keep you posted on that.

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  • benzo

    I’m back! Good article, but the beta is the beta. It does not represent what we will get Oct 25. BF2 BC was stellar and I doubt that DICE will take steps back. The beta is buggy and ugly as sin, but there is a reason why BF3 has won countless awards at gaming expos worldwide. EG, buddy us have good points with the battlelog stuff, but Im still DAY 1 purchase. And if BF3 sucks monkey balls, you warned us first! Be easy sir

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hey Benzo! Good to see ya! Yes, I agree. It’s only the beta, and this review doesn’t represent the full game at all. We’re hoping to have said review up before the game goes, though. Thanks!

  • ttbounty

    Great review, the 1st paragraph captured my sentiments exactly.
    I could not tell who was on my team from the enemy, do matter how much I shoot someone they dont seem to die, but another time they die instantly. I would be on a streak and then die suddenly as if by random. I will still have hope for the game but right now I will wait for reviews in October then maybe buy…

    @benzo weren’t these countless rewards on the PC version, because I have the console and I don’t see these visuals.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @ttbounty: Yesir. Those accolades were for the PC version.

  • benzo

    @ttbounty you are correct sir…didnt even thing about that fact. And I agree that the visuals are THE DOODOO!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    The game can still be good. In fact I’m leaning towards it being good. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • ttbounty

    @KTG uhhh

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s alright ttbounty. The guy’s a GT hater lol. I deleted his account. If he comes back under the guise of someone else, I’ll block his IP.

  • newyearnewrule

    Great read. I’ll be looking forward to the review.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • nick

    EA have taken the wind out of their sail, and blocked the toilets.
    i just hope they open up another map before the beta ends otherwise there up shit creek without a paddle!
    and they got no one else to blame but themselves!
    i had to laugh today when DICE put up a interview saying there totally pushing out everything they can get out of the ps3.
    well there either in rehearsal for a pinocchio play, or they need some ps3 engineers!
    because im sorry, but what we have been seeing in the beta is NOT all the ps3 can give!
    yes its a 1 month old build, but i cant see them improving it that much to make that statement plausible within the 2 months they have till release.
    i thought EA would of learnt their lesson with crysis 2!
    keep bragging were making out everything, then the game finally comes and ends up pretty disappointing.
    i thought they would learn their lesson, but it looks like EA really are thick as mules!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m hoping we get something really different from the game.

  • nick

    hopefully will see a new map open before the end of the beta.
    if not im done buying games for the sake of gaining beta access!

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • bobromines77

    Great review. I felt it hit the nail on the head! At this time, I have canceled my pre-order and will wait for the reviews. My brother says he is going to be pre-ordering the game, so I look forward to his opinion. I weigh my purchasing heavily on the multi-player aspects. All thought the beta is enjoyable, it still hasn’t sold me(and yes I know it is a beta and not the final product or demo) With all the games coming out this fall, I fear putting my money into BF3 and it turning out to be another MOH.

  • edgargamer

    you are right, i am also dissapointed too,i am a fan of battlefield bad company 2 but the new soldier´s mobility is very frustrating hoping to buy battlefield 3 but never buy it

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @bobmines77: Yeah, I agree. Wait for the reviews. Ours will be up before the game itself goes on sale so look out for that.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @edgargamer: Yep, I myself am seriously disappointed, especially after all the hype. We shall see.

  • bobromines77

    Ernice, do you know if you guys will receive a pre-release copy? How does that work?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Getting a review copy is rather simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Simply contact the people who are responsible for giving them out, giving vital information about your website or publication. If they have enough, you’ll get one. Simple as that.

  • bigmikeumd

    Great review. Fair and yet it definitely echos the disappointment felt by so many of us. This is no Call of Duty killer, in fact its very much like Call of Duty if you take out the fun. I especially found the limited button layout options on consoles quite frustrating, especially since the one’s you can select from don’t feel natural or well laid out.

    I was especially excited about the squad system, but they seem to have decided the extent of a squad usefulness would just be a forward spawn point.

  • v1ktor

    This has to be the BIGGEST troll post I have read in the past couple of days. You have no idea how funny it is ready shit like this on so many blogs from people who don’t know shit they are talking about.

    1- Visuals are ballsack breaking, I had an orgasm before the 1st metro match loaded
    2- Most of the glitches I remember from day 1 have been fixed on pc but EA said they dont give 2 shits for consoles
    3- Current engine build is over a month old now, do some research before you qq
    4- Game feels realistic, sounds amazing and is just so sexual in every way!
    5- Can’t tell an enemy from a friend? Get some fucking glasses
    6- Battlelog is just pure sex, everything a player would want; make a party and voice chat over battlelog instead of talking to every kid in the match
    7- 1 map was offered at first because fuck heads like you broke Caspian Border to an extent where things came up that were game breaking and needed fixes and more polishing (its out now)
    8- SCALE SCALE SCALE!!! Caspian Border is the most addicting map of my gaming career
    9- yes…. destruction is somewhat….. not what I expected either, but it will do.
    10- lol @ all the trolls who pretended to cancel their pre order when they didnt even pre order shit

    The beta should of been pre order only, that way all the trolls would keep the fuck away and not ruin the reputation of the next generation of gaming.

    Be less negative, learn to review shit, and learn to play; that way everyone will be happy.

  • Death_C4K

    I agree FULLY with V1ktor.I am a fan of Battlefield,and LOVED the BF3 Beta.Sure,we are worried how we will be able to use headsets to talk while playing but christ sake…all you whiny people MAN UP.By the way…its Disappointed not Disappoint.I think the visuals were beautiful,the realism was great and as V1ktor said…if you couldnt tell friend from foe..GET GLASSES!Way to go DICE,I remain a fan and not only did I pre-order but I payed for the game in full!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Nah dude, it’s Disappoint. You don’t think that, people who’ve been in Journalism for so long would place “disappoint” instead of disappointed in so many places, right?

  • Joshua Tompkins

    It is a disappointment on consoles. The pc version runs much better (which I expected). The console version has so many glitches and graphical issues that it is ridiculous. They did fix a few of the things, but I expected more. I also do not like some of the balancing they did with the weapons. I am ready for the game and I think it will be really good, but to say the beta was amazing on consoles is just being blind. This review is from the ps3 consoles version, which was terribly broken and the console versions never got Caspian Border. The graphics are not that great on consoles either (I know it is only a beta and the actual game will look better, but this is the review of the beta, NOT the game, we can’t review what we haven’t seen). Also, how did we break Caspian Border? As I recall, I did not develop it, or mess with the code. SO?!?!?!?!?!?!? We should have put a disclaimer that this is a console review, but didn’t and we will maker sure to point out which version we are reviewing with our games from now on. Also, there is no need to come in and attack the person reviewing the game. They did not like what they played and wrote about it. It is an opinion that you do not have to agree with, but that does not mean you should attack them. You can come and state your own OPINION without being hateful or mean to another person.

  • Death_C4K

    1-Ernice,everyone can make a mistake..even one who makes a living at it,so yes I think they misspelled it.2-Joshua,an opinion is the person making its choice,so if its made being hateful…then its their right.If you wish to complain about the BF3 game….Dont F***G play it,but to come and trash it,making others doubt its worth checking out….come on girls lets just play nice.

  • Death_C4K

    BTW..Im one for never biting my tongue,I dont really pick sides.I just think the beta was good at showing the glitch falling through the map and maybe some killshots that didnt kill…but all and all think it was a beautiful game and cant wait to play full version.C4Ks General…out.

  • Death_C4K

    All I have to say is…6 more days and all doubting mouths will be shut.COD..hang it up,BF3 is going to kill all that step up.

  • Ernice Gilbert