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Screw The Reviews!

I don’t remember a Christmas as bloated with big releases as this one. Just the thought of paying out for these games makes my leg itch. That special place on your leg where your wallet sits in your jean pocket. Guarded from the world outside. Well Mr. Wallet bend over and take it like a man, because those crisp, bank fresh notes you guard so well, I’m taking them for my games and nothing you or any games publication or critic say will change my mind.

Usually I’m a very discerning gamer. A game needs to score 85% or more to get my money on launch day. Anything less and it gets put on the Amazon list. Meaning I will monitor said site until the price drops by half. At least! But this year OH MY GOD! !

Modern Warfare 3:

I’m still neck deep in MW2. The game engine may be showing its age alongside the shiny new Frostbite from Dice. But who cares! Solid mechanics and addictive, addrenaline pumped gameplay never gets old. Just sitting here typing about COD gets my trigger finger itching and come launch day, I, like so many others will be taking a sick day from work and pulling the curtains shut. But…….

What if the reviews came in average……..Hey it could happen……..What if they (Games reviewers in general) gave it a 79% score….I mean I’m a man of morals. Of integrity. Would I really break my own golden rules for just one game.

Damn straight I would!!

Not just MW3 either. I would do the same for Uncharted 3. Battlefield 3 and Skyrim.

I love Uncharted as a franchise. A worthy successor to the Tomb raider crown in my opinion.

Now to the gamer of a certain age like myself. (cough 32 cough) who grew up on Indiana Jones. This is gaming gold. The witty one-liners and globe trotting antics spoke directly to me. I waited 26 years for computers to be able to put me in those globe trotting shoes (I had my first computer when I was 6) and with uncharted, they did just that. UC2 was for me better than UC1. Purely because of the pacing, it was bang on! Set pieces and snow that looked so good you would swear you could touch it!

UC3 looks like it’s gonna kick all kinds of ass. I was buying this game as soon as they released the burning château footage. Awesome single player and of course now excellent multiplayer as well. Makes this a must buy on day one for me. So that brings my total to £80 so far.

Mr. wallet is starting to look at me with some concern. He seems to think £80 pounds is too much to put to one side for games that haven’t been reviewed yet. Well it only gets worse for Mr. Wallet because there’s more.

Next on my list is Battlefield 3. What can I say that hasn’t been said? It looks amazing. The maps are huge and sound exciting, Paris in particular looks outstanding. It’s the buddy shooter where you all have a role to play, COD is adrenaline Battlefield is camaraderie. Don’t want to walk? Drive a tank. Don’t want to drive? Then fly a goddam jet.

It’s a Big boys toy box. An adults sandbox within which to play with all the things you will, in all likelihood never get to touch in real life.

Running total now stands at £120.…


Mr. W is getting properly pissed at me now. But I’m passed the point of no return, may as well kick him in the nuts and run down the shops with the cash drooling like an idiot.

But wait I need more money! How the hell am I going to afford another game? I cant! Surely I can’t spend more than £120!

What’s that you say? Skyrim? Sh#t yeah im getting that game!

This is my go to game when I get shooter fatigue. Or at least it will be. Bethesda are above and beyond my favourite RPG developer. Now for a shooter freak like me that is quite a statement. Before Oblivion I had never even dipped my toe in the RPG pool.. I say dipped. What I really mean is cannon balled from the top diving board and then just sank to the bottom of the pool.

Life consuming, massively engaging and addictive. These are all terms used to describe the Elder scrolls series. But the real description lies in the ways we describe our play session to other gamers.

When you find yourself in a half hour conversation saying things like.

“Dude, last night I was asked to find this guy, so I searched his house, you know to pick up clues and stuff and I came across this painting. So I did what any of us would do I went in to the painting looking for him and came across these trolls that could only be killed with arrows combined with paint thinner. Cos ya know there made of paint”

And it wasn’t unusual to get a reply similar to this.

“ yeah I did that quest. I’m a vampire now”.

It’s these conversations that give you a sense of the imagination that goes into these games. An appreciation of the scale of the world crafted for you to explore. It really is true that in games like these the journey is more important than the end.

Skyrim looks to improve on that premise with a shiny new engine and big as your house dragons. Epic gameplay and stunning visuals make this another must buy!

So screw the reviews! How dare you tell me which game to buy! I’m allowed to make my own mistakes!

PPPFFF Critics who needs em?

Dean Kent

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  1. Mon, 3rd Oct 2011 at 2:54 am

    its getting pretty bad, im gonna have to plant a new money tree the way im going!
    im just hoping i dont spend too much on my holiday because along with vita and all the crap for that i need to get a new car soon.
    god dam it, where are those lottery numbers when you need them!?

  2. Mon, 3rd Oct 2011 at 4:46 am

    Lottery: 28303766
    You have a money tree? Give me a seed. I would love to plant a couple.

  3. Mon, 3rd Oct 2011 at 9:15 am

    ok ill email a few to ya.
    be warned though they take up allot of room, and root up anything they can find so keep them a long way away from any buildings!

  4. Mon, 3rd Oct 2011 at 12:59 pm

    lol nick, that dam holiday is gonna get in the way of your gaming best ditch it and stay at home…………..i would!

  5. Tue, 4th Oct 2011 at 9:17 am

    nah, 1 week should be long enough to finish rage and theres nothing coming out from the 13th to to the 20th so ill be fine.
    im going so i can try out some of this and next years games, that and im visiting my god father have not seen him in 8 years!

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