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Battlefield 3 Beta Disappoints: Graphical Issues, Lackluster Feel, Other Issues

This is what happens when a game is hyped to the heavens: disappointment. Apparently lots and lots of Battlefield 3 beta testers are talking about their experience with the game as massively lackluster in that there’s no wow factor in its multiplayer. I myself have played the beta for a good bit, and to be brutally honest with you, gamesthirst, I’m not impressed.

Not one bit.

I’ll come clean, I have been wanting to play this game ever since I saw the first Faultline gameplay trailer. It was the most amazing piece of FPS footage I’d seen. Graphics were super-real, gameplay looked as if it played like real life and all about the game looked like a winner. But then I remembered something: It was all PC footage. EA and DICE went with the strategy to show off the game’s PC version instead of consoles, when they knew full well it’d sell way more units on the latter platform. Then the inevitable happened, people started to say it’s the best looking game on consoles, and how Call of Duty had nothing to match. Folks were deceived. And it didn’t matter how much I tried to iterate the fact that we were seeing PC footage, people didn’t care. Now, though, things have changed.

The game doesn’t look all that good, coming with some low resolution and rather iffy detailing. It also is packed with glitches but that we can forgive, as it’s a beta. But Battlefield 3 goes on sale in less than a month, and it doesn’t matter how many times DICE say this is alpha gameplay, I don’t believe them; there’s only so much you can do in two weeks! I say two weeks because the game must be sent out to be mass-reproduced and sent to various parts of the world – there’s not much time to fix anything.

As for the gameplay, I think DICE has aced it, but there’s yet something missing. I played and played and played again, trying hard to give the game’s multiplayer a fighting chance, but I sincerely didn’t enjoy it. I’ll go back again, because I want to like Battlefield 3; I really do. But like some of our own users have said, Battlefield 3 feels like “blah”. Just, well, blah!

I’ve already actually gone to Killzone 3, which is a shame. I really was looking for reason to leave that game. I guess I’ll have to wait for RAGE, or later on, Modern Warfare 3.

Now don’t get me wrong, you should definitely go ahead and give the beta a shot today as it’ll be available for all. You’ll come up with your own conclusions then. We’re also hoping to have a review up before its release at retail so stay tuned for that.

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  • nick

    they got a month to fix a hell of allot of issues!
    not that they cant do it, but they got one hell of a busy month ahead of them!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Busy month indeed. I hope they do… Really want to like this game!

  • rpatricky

    Played a bit more last night and had lots of issues that didn’t show up the night before. I would spawn and everything would be blued until I pressed start, the screen would flicker a lot, couldn’t use my headset to talk with my buddy (or teammates). I wish I could customize my stuff before starting the match (maybe I can but am too special to see it?)
    The audio, when calculating exp, at the end of the match is scratchy…like Crysis 2 is during the map loading screen.
    Has anyone noticed that it doesn’t play well with their surround sound? In COD I can hear the footsteps all around me and in the proper direction but with this, I only hear 2 channels, even with the Home Theater or whatever selected.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I noticed the same things your talking of, rpatricky. Something’s wrong. Either DICE spoke to loud about this game, or something else. Because there’s definitely a lot of things wrong. Maybe we’re overreacting over the beta, but then again the game’s release is but less than a month away. And DICE spoke lofty words about Frostbite 2….

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    The beta does have issues and every beta I have taken part in has issues. But I am still excited about BF3…the game is gonna be great. I am not disappointed. Visually the game looks great and the gameplay is great even with the bugs. DICE has made the gameplay a bit more difficult with the recoil of assualt rifles being a bit more realistic this time around. It isn’t as easy to kill people as it was in Bad Company 2…and this will not go well with many gamers. But for those of us who are looking for a much more challenging online experience, BF3 will be the game to get. I can’t wait to play the full game.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Good opinion, bro. But don’t you think it’s a little troubling to have so many issues when there’s just one more month before the game’s released. That leaves two more weeks of work, as they must send it out to be mass-produced, etc….

    Like I said, I’m really hoping all is fixed, because I REALLY want to get into this game.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    The beta is usually meant to stress test servers and other connection related issues. The game will be going gold very soon so the major bugs will be fixed at launch with an update. This is NOT a major problem in today’s industry. I will bet money there is a team at DICE making the patch for launch as we speak.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Operation Metro is one of the smallest maps in Battlefield 3. We still haven’t experienced the tanks, Sniping from long range, all the many new maps and THE JETS. How can I be disappointed….I haven’t even gotten a proper taste of the real Battlefield 3 experience.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I do hope so. You know the game’s been hyped to the heavens. It and Frostbite 2, yet the visuals are not that impressive. Not hating, you know it…Just being honest. Look at our comparison, the 360 version looks better than PS3, and I heard DICE was using PS3 as the lead for consoles.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I do understand that. And about that, if Metro is a small map, we’ll have problems on consoles…. Because the bigger the map, the emptier the space, leaving people wondering around… I’ve heard to had to make them smaller so it could work.

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Look at the maps for Bad Company 2. They were big maps but the guys at DICE know who to design them in such a way that you do not feel overwhelmed by the map’s size. There designs always have been clever and as it is objective based gameplay…the action is drawn to various points of the map. As for the graphic comparision, from that video it would appear that the Xbox version looks better. Almost all multiplatform games are built on the Xbox and ported to the PS3. Although I do remember reading somewhere a long time ago the the PS3 was the lead platform for consoles but I doubt that is the case after watching the comparison vid.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. All good points. Either ways, man, the game will be great. Fingers crossed!

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    I really do understand where you are coming from Ernice…and a lot of gamers are just like you. After all the Frostbite2 talk, EVERYONE was expecting something revolutionary. I did too…and let’s be honest here…as a diehard fan of the Battlefield series, I will say this once…visually KILLZONE 2 looks better than what I have seen in the BF3 beta. But I have a feeling the full version will still surprise us.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed. I, no, not I. WE were expecting a lot of things….I think the problem was they showed us PC footage all along…. And yeah, KZ2 actually looks better that what we’ve seen in the beta….. But like you said, let’s hope to be awed by the final product… Yet, I’m somewhat disappointed. I speak honestly.

  • Joseph Garrett

    I don’t think the Beta is a representation of what the game is like now. Since they put together the beta there would have been big advancements. I think only a few of the glitches will be found in the final game and they will be patched in the future.

    Dice said that the core game of battlefield 3 is just the start, they plan to add to the game with DLC for many years. We will get bug fixes, balancing and more maps/gametypes. We will have huge maps full of vehicles and lets not forget the singleplayer and co-op options.

    Like everyone I was disappointed during my first few games but looking at the bigger picture I still can’t wait for the full game.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed. Looking at the bigger picture, then.

  • foxton

    having never played any of the Battlefield chain before but having heard so much about this one i went into this one with open eyes not sure what to expect. I wasnt impressed at first, but quickly became engrossed in it and couldnt put it down. There are loads of glitches and bugs etc that im guessing a few patch updates etc will sort out but i thought the map and size were excellent, as well as the general mobility and feel of the game. Like mentioned above will be even better when the vehicles etc come in.
    I realised theyve put a lot into this to take on the COD franchise but ultimatley there are die hards that will never look at anything else and with MW3 being released a week after this they will ultimately lose out out potentially millions of copies sold if they had released it 6 months before or after.

    Anyway Ernice enough of this, im extremely dissapointed that i cant see any mention today of FIFA 12 which will easily be the 2nd best selling game this year. Id be interested to see how many copies theyve shifted in europe today, dare i say a miilion??!
    Come on Ernice give the game the recognition it deserves! This game is huge, fact!

  • nick

    figures, as soon as i get access to them they close em!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton, I will do just that. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: That’s messed up.

  • MaXfReZa

    Diehard fighter jet fanatic over here :-) It’s probably the only thing I look forward to seeing (besides the campaign mode). Also, I’ve been tossing around the idea that BF3 Beta may have been an attempt to lower the bar on the over hyped expectations. Maybe that way, when the final game looks more impressive than the Beta we can get blown away haha. Slick ninjas

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I don’t think so. They’re going to lose sales because of this, so I don’t think that’s the plan at all. A beta’s supposed to showcase your game, especially one highly publicized as BF3.

  • MaXfReZa

    Who knows what they were thinking by releasing such a poor beta, but I do know this much… the beta is more than likely an old hacked up version of the crispy release. And what ever hasn’t been fixed already will be a required patch download before playing. D-Day is right around the corner so the mystery will be revealed soon enough.

    D-Day isn’t what it use to be. Before patches & DLC you didn’t get to hit the undo button when you screwed up on some code for a game that was already released. How times have changed lol.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes indeed. I’ll get it anyways for review purposes….I wouldn’t if that wasn’t the case.

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