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ESRB rates “Best of PlayStation Network Volume 1″


A new ESRB rating reveals the “Best of PlayStation Network Volume 1″, a collection of favorites only found in digital form. If this compilation is real — which is not unlikely — fans with no internet access will get their hands onto Fat Princess, Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack, all games being rated a T for Teen. ... Read More »

PSN Undergoing Maintenance


Just a reminder, the PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance, and will be until 11:00 pm tonight. If you’re currently logged in then no worries, your gaming sessions will continue seamlessly. However if you’re offline, you’ll be until the system’s back up at the aforesaid time. Go play ball or something. Read More »

PSN Day 1 Digital goes big, and it kicks off amazingly


Brand new games usually cost 60$, but Sony is here to change that. You can buy Dishonored, NBA 2k13, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and more for 54$. And not just that; for example, Doom 3 BFG Edition will cost 40$, but Sony can give it to you for 36$. But what’s the catch? It’s only available for digital downloads ... Read More »

Spartacus Legends free-to-play game to launch in 2013


Ubisoft today announced that Spartacus Legends, a game based on the TV series, will be released in 2013 for both PSN and XBL, for free. It will be a fighting game, sporting a “fame” system that will ensure competitive play is present, and will also allow people with high fame to wear better equipment. Equipment will be purchased via real ... Read More »

Psychonauts hits PSN


Double Fine’s very first game, the cult classic Psychonauts, will be released on the PSN as a PS2 Classic on August 28th. Originally launched back in 2005, on Xbox and Playstation 2, its sales were too bad to warrant a sequel. Currently, we just know it will be released in North America in August 28th, but nothing else. Supposedly, its ... Read More »

Alundra comes to the PSN Store


Sony just announced that the legendary, clever RPG from the PSOne days will be joining the PSN Store PSOne Classics lineup. That, coupled with the announcement that the patch for PSOne Classics support is coming to the Vita soon, is enough to excite us. Having such an RPG in your pocket, to play any time you want, is a small ... Read More »

Anomaly: Warzone Earth coming before the summer ends


In an interview with 11 Bit Studios‘ Paweł Miechowski, the company confirmed that the strategy game named Anomaly: Warzone Earth will be hitting Playstation Network before the summer’s end. The game plays like a “tower offense” title, where you take control of attacking troops in top-down view, with the addition of Tactical View letting you plan forthcoming assaults. It takes ... Read More »

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