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Next Call Of Duty Title Will “Reset The Bar” For FPS Genre

by Ernice Gilbert on May 10th, 2011, under Activision/Bilzzard, Hot, News

While EA’s been busy talking up Battlefield 3, going as far as calling it superior to Call of Duty, Activision’s been quietly helming the next COD game, one it says will once again lead the way in immersion, and set a new standard for the franchise…and possibly industry on a whole.

Activision Q1 Results: New COD Confirmed, Announcement Coming “In Weeks”, Diablo III Beta In Q3

Activision’s Q1 financials are out, and in it, the biggest games publisher in the world confirmed the new Call of Duty title, with company boss Bobby Kotick saying we should expect an unveiling in “weeks”. Diablo III’s getting a beta, and as for the profits, things are looking rather bright for the firm.

Sledgehammer Looking To Make Call Of Duty 8 Bug Free, 95+ Rated Game

Sledgehammer will be the developer helming Call of Duty 8 because of the Infinity Ward debacle that saw the studio’s two former heads fired. But with Black Ops PS3 being one of the most buggy games to ever hit the system, the studio’s also hoping to make their effort one that’s ‘bug free’.