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Games Thirst Review: Crysis 2 Single Player

With the ever growing fps genre, I found myself being let down time and time again by the single player experience offered by these games. They all seem to follow the same formula, and do not try to be much different from each other. I have been hoping for something different. Something that tries to create an experience that is worth playing more than once, instead of solely focusing on multiplayer.

After seeing all of the different aspect that are offered in the Crysis 2 single player, my hopes began to grow. But, did the single player live up to what I was expecting? Is this game somehow different than the other games, or does if just fall into that category of mindless, repetitive action?

What Quenched My Thirst

The first thing you will notice when playing this game is how beautiful, clean and crisp the game looks. From the crumbling buildings to the dark passages of collapsed tunnels, the game just pours out color and life. It gives a great since of realism and pulls you into the game. I felt like I was really standing in the middle of New York watching it fall apart before my eyes.

The amazing lighting in the game only magnified this. It perfectly lit and cast shadows across the landscape as I walked through it. I sometimes just stopped to look around at the beauty that surrounded me. It is much different that what you will find in most games, and so is the gameplay.

Crysis 2’s central idea is a nanosuit that gives you different abilities. The developers really took this idea and fully created the game around it. They build the levels so that you can use every aspect of the suit. If you want to go stealth, then there is a path that is best for stealth. If you want to go guns blazing, then armor up and head straight out into the battlefield. You are able to flank the enemies, use your jumping ability to get above them, or do many other things, thanks to the great level design.

There is also a feature that allows you to look for tactical options. I found this to be great feature for the game. It shows you different ways you can tackle the situation, and adds a lot of replay value to the game. I sometimes died just to see how I could approach it differently.

When you do decide to go guns blazing into the fight, do no worry about crappy gun mechanics because Crysis 2 weapon mechanics are very solid. The guns work like you expect them too. All you have to do is point and shoot. The hit detection is great, but there is barely any recoil; you are wearing a nano-suite after all.

The story is also pretty solid. It is better than what you will find in most fps games today, and it will keep you engaged. The ending was not what I was expecting, but it set itself up for a good sequel.

What Left A Bitter Taste

Though this game is beautiful, the graphical integrity did not stay equal throughout the game. When outside, the graphics can almost take your breath away, but when you have to go inside or in smaller areas, you can see some major discrepancies between the two. This is not to say the graphics are not good, it’s just that they do not hold that WOW factor found in other places.

For the most part, the game is solid, but you will experience some glitches. There are some graphical glitches such as pop-in and I experienced some strange things when I killed enemies. The best experience I had was when I killed an enemy near a truck and his body fell into the truck causing it to glitch really bad, bouncing around everywhere, and then flying up in the air and falling down.  It was really funny. I also experienced some of the AI walking into walls and getting stuck. There are also some sound glitches that occur when people are talking. They will sometimes start talking over each other and it will become a little annoying. These are just a few of the glitches I encountered in the game.

Probably the worst and most disappointing part about this game was the inconsistent AI. I found that the AI would be super smart or super dumb. For example, I came upon two AI standing next to each other and decided to stealth kill one of them directly in front of the other. I performed the kill and the AI just became alert and walked a little closer to the body. Now, when you do a stealth kill, you come out of cloak and they can see you, but he didn’t. I guess the stress from dealing with disease, aliens, and war had truly fried his brain, and he could not understand what just happened. I put him out of his misery next, so he would not have worry anymore.

I also experienced the opposite of this. I was using a silenced pistol and was sneaking around the level waiting to pick off any enemy that came near me. I was trying to make it through a hallway and noticed that I would have to take a guy out to get through it. So I waited until he was down the hallway away from everyone and killed him. Now, I shot him with a silenced gun that I can barely hear, but somehow, the guys in two rooms over heard it and knew exactly where I was. It really made me angry because I just killed a guy right in front of another person and he did not notice, but this time I kill guy in another room, with a silenced weapon, and they know exactly where I am. These are only a couple of examples of how inconsistent the AI can be at times.

Water Scale

Crysis 2 is a fun single player experience that offers a lot of replay value. Depending on how you play, it can take you anywhere from 5 to 15 hours to beat. It offers great diversity, and will make you want to play each level differently than the last time. Even with the shoddy AI and glitches, the game is great, and worth checking out.


Developer: Crytek

Publisher: EA

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: March 22, 2011

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  • Joseph Garrett

    Nice review. I am only halfway through the game and you pretty much just wrote what i was thinking about it.

    And i also have killed myself to do a section differently lol.

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Ernice Gilbert

    Really good single player review there…. I think I’ll end up buying this….

  • nick

    exactly what was driving me nuts!
    i mean come on, why is everyone in the area alerted when i snipe someone with a silenced pistol?
    i thought that was the whole point of using silencers!
    i love playing games stealthfully, but the thing that bugged me the most with crysis 2 is it makes that so god dam difficult to do!
    if your going to offer someone ways to play a game, at least make them the same!
    not one piss easy, and one nigh on impossible!
    the inconsistency is crysis 2s biggest flaw!
    O, and the indoor graphics being so poor?
    well, that has to do with what i was saying the other day.
    crysis 2 has HALF!
    yes, HALF of the texture size the original had!
    thats why everything at a distance looks so good, but go up close and it looks muddy and flat.
    gameplay wise its a fantastic game, minus all the inconsistencies.
    graphics wise, im sorry it just does not stand up!
    1 from cryteks standards its just not what you would expect from them.
    its like buying a BMW then it falling apart after 3 days!
    not what you would expect from them, and there previous history!
    crysis 2 made me feel the same way, crytek are known for pushing the envelope so much so i was expecting allot more!
    2 well they did not keep there mouth shut did they?
    as the saying goes, dont write checks with your mouth that your game cant cash!
    best looking ps3 game ever my a$$!
    freaking MGS4 looks better then this, and thats over 3 years old!
    i really wish crytek would do crysis 3, but please this time keep it a PC exclusive!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You’re turning on this game. Okay, now I know you’re for real with all this. Never thought you’d say a dirty word concerning Crytek, or Crysis.

  • nick

    of course!
    on consoles its a fantastic game, not as good as they promised but you got to remember this is there first console game!
    but they have really skimped the PC version!
    its just pathetic!
    crysis 2 does not stand up to crysis in so many ways!
    crysis for crying out loud!
    a 4 year old game!
    i was expecting a hell of allot more from crytek!

  • Ernice Gilbert


  • Joshua Tompkins

    the AI is dumb at times, but it did not really take away from the whole experience. I still loved the game, and I found the AI to be great in some places and stupid in others. They were mostly good, but the inconsistencies really bothered me.

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