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Activision Q1 Results: New COD Confirmed, Announcement Coming “In Weeks”, Diablo III Beta In Q3

Activision’s Q1 financials are out, and in it, the biggest games publisher in the world confirmed the new Call of Duty title, with company boss Bobby Kotick saying we should expect an unveiling in “weeks”. Diablo III’s getting a beta, and as for the profits, things are looking rather bright for the firm.

“This year’s Call of Duty initiative will create the best… initiatives to date,” said company boss Bobby Kotick. Kotick also said we should expect more details concerning the game to be available in the coming weeks, and that it would be surrounded by the biggest market push Activision has ever performed.

The Chinese MMO market is amongst the ripest for investment, and the company said it’s making a “robust investment in forthcoming Call of Duty titles, including a micro-transaction game for China.” The firm’s also helming a “best-in-class digital platform surrounding the Call of Duty franchise,” which was shown in New York last week.

The new Call of Duty MMO, however, is being developed specifically for China.

Across all platforms, Call of Duty: Black Ops became the best selling game of all time in dollars in both the U.S., and EU for the quarter, and was also the top selling game in both territories.

Black Ops First Strike DLC outdid Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Pack by a 20 percent margin to become the most downloaded shooter DLC ever, as the franchise continues to break its own records.

Quencher Continues: Diablo III Beta Confirmed For Q3

As for the latest Black Ops DLC, Escalation, it was downloaded 1.4 million times on 360 in its first 24 hours of availability. The same pack will release “later in the quarter” for PS3, however there was no mention of a PC version.

The new Call of Duty title that’s being helmed at Beachhead will feature “in-game integration” while brining together console and PC gaming “for the first time”. The new Call of Duty, and its all new system, has been under development for more than two years.

Said system will be an “integral part” of this year’s Call of Duty game, and for those thinking it has something to do with paying a premium to play COD online, the investors on the call clearly stated that this would not happen.

Chief Financial Officer Thomas Tippl said he wasn’t expecting to see Blizzard’s new game in 2011, however at least two games would come from the branch in 2012.

World of Warcraft now has more than 11.4 million subscribers worldwide.

Black Ops Rules The Day

Net income for the quarter rose to an encouraging $503 million, a 76 percent increase from last year’s $381 million.

For the period ending March 31st, revenue was up from $1.31 billion in 2010 to $1.45 billion this year.

PC revenue saw a rather steep rise, jumping from $49 million to $129 million, accounting for 9 percent of profit compared to 4 percent in Q1 2010. Bobby Kotick said 50 percent of all revenue came from digital means, and that the company had only barely “scratched the surface” of said medium.

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  • nick

    for diablo 3 beta of course, could not give a rats a$$ about COD!
    its about time blizzard gave us another diablo game, diablo 2 was a freaking classic!
    changed PC gaming forever!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Activision is still king of the hill, obviously.